5 Things To Tell Your Caterer. A Comprehensive Guide For A Successful Event in Sydney

Planning a successful event in Sydney involves a wealth of intricate details, the most critical of which is selecting not the best caterer but the right one for you. Effective communication with your caterer is not only important but necessary to ensure a successful and memorable occasion (to learn more about how to make your engagement party memorable with delicious catering, read this article).

Here are the five essential things you need to tell your caterer to guarantee an unforgettable event in Sydney.

#1 Event details and purpose

To kickstart the planning process, you’ve got to answer two significant questions:

  1. What’s your event about? (Is it a wedding, a corporate event, a birthday party, and so on?
  2. What purpose does it serve?

The information these two questions will provide is going to set the foundation for the caterer to understand the overall tone and requirements.

Next, define in clear terms (or pictures) the event theme, ambience, and style you envision. These elements, when discussed with your caterer, will enable them to create a cohesive experience that aligns with your vision. And don’t forget to communicate the event date, time, and duration accurately. Clarity is key. It helps the caterer organise their resources with great efficiency.

#2 Menu selection and customisation

When it comes to catering, the menu is what’s pumping oxygen through the veins of every event in Sydney. They bring life to it and give it character. And just like a beating heart, the food is what gets people talking and the juices flowing. The menu selection is one conversation you cannot treat lightly. Here are some questions to ask:

  • What is the range of cuisines and dishes you offer?
  • How can we accommodate dietary restrictions and special requests from our guests?
  • What are the different styles of service you provide, such as buffet-style, plated, or family-style?
  • Could you provide suggestions for appetisers, main courses, desserts, and beverages that align with our event theme?
  • Can we arrange a tasting session to ensure the quality and taste of the food before finalising the menu?

In order to guarantee quality catering and attendee satisfaction, communicate any specific dietary restrictions or special requests. Not informing your caterer about any vegetarians and vegans, for example, could result in some very unhappy guests.

Then comes the service style. What’s the style of service that best suits your event in Sydney? Does buffet style speak more to you? Or is it plated? Perhaps you want to go for something cosier, like family style? Whatever floats your boat. 

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Don’t forget to explore the possibilities for appetisers, main courses, desserts, and beverages. Have an in-depth conversation with your caterer about the available options and select those that complement the theme of your Sydney event and the preferences of your guests.

If you want complete assurance of the catering quality and taste of the food, ask your caterer whether or not they have tasting sessions. This step allows you to experience the caterer’s culinary prowess firsthand and make any necessary adjustments before the big day.

#3 Services and staffing

Understanding the services included in the catering package is essential if you want to make do without any “last-minute surprises.” Get into the nitty-gritty of things. What does your caterer provide? Do they provide things like setup, food service, and clean-up? This conversation ensures that you have a clear-cut grasp of the caterer’s responsibilities and can make additional arrangements if necessary. 

The number of staff members required for your event in Sydney relies on the guest count and the service level you desire, and therefore, you have got to collaborate with your caterer to determine the appropriate staffing levels. You want the flow of the event to run in as smooth and efficient a manner as humanly possible.

Consider any additional services you may need, such as bartending and waitstaff. These are requirements that ought to be addressed with your caterer, which will give them ample time to get the necessary resources to meet your expectations. Confirm the timeline and schedules of services so that the result is seamless execution, happy tummies, and smiling faces.

#4 Logistics and equipment

It is essential to plan for success. By reviewing the logistics and anything equipment-related, you’re already on your way there. Familiarise yourself with the venue’s facilities and kitchen setup so you can anticipate any problems that may arise. Once that’s done, remember to share that information with your catering company representatives to plan accordingly.

Discuss the equipment needed for the event, including tables, chairs, linens, and any specialised equipment. In order to minimise confusion on the day of the event, confirm who is going to be responsible for the rental, setup, and breakdown of the equipment. If you and your caterer are on the same page, smooth delivery and setup process will be a breeze.

#5 Budget and payment

Catering is often the most expensive part of any event in Sydney, and if you’re not careful, things may spiral out of control. Easy. We don’t want to put a damper on your caviar dreams, but before you go too far, first figure out how much money you’re able and willing to spend on food and beverage for your event.

Your guest number, event duration, and whether you’ll be having a sit-down meal, buffet-style service, canapes, full open bar, beer and wine, or specialty cocktail stations are all pertinent cost factors. (This blog post on trending menu options for Sydney wedding catering in 2023 is a great read.)

Open communication is critical here. Telling your caterer how much you’re willing to spend on your event allows them to propose suitable options within your financial constraints – and remember to be transparent about any flexibility you may have in the budget to explore additional offerings or upgrades. (We recommend reading this blog post by Brides.com to know how to allocate your entire wedding budget)

That said, be ready to have the payment conversation. Inquire about payment options, deposit requirements, and cancellation policies. A full grasp of the terms and conditions helps you plan your finances wisely and effectively. A premium catering company should give you a detailed breakdown of costs and an itemised invoice to maintain transparency throughout this entire journey.

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Final Thoughts

Effective communication with your caterer is the key to hosting a successful event in Sydney. By following this comprehensive guide and discussing the five essential aspects mentioned, you can ensure an excellent experience for both you and your guests. Remember, clear communication establishes a strong foundation for collaboration, resulting in a remarkable and memorable event.

We at Boardwalk Catering are committed to making your Sydney event extraordinary. Our dedicated team understands the significance of effective communication and strives to bring your vision to life. Give us a call at 0434917069 or email us today to discuss your event requirements and allow us to create a catering experience that makes a statement!