The Rise and Reality of Plated Catering in Sydney

At a time when culinary trends come and go, the tradition of plated catering in Sydney remains a steadfast choice for high-end events. Although not burgeoning in popularity, it holds a special place for those seeking elegance and sophistication. The meticulous artistry of plated menus contrasts sharply with the abundance of buffet catering, as it [...]

Boardwalk Catering’s Take on Canape Catering Sydney for Parties

Boardwalk Catering’s Take on Canape Catering Sydney for Parties Sydney is home to good people, good culture, and good food. There’s no question about it, we love human connection shared over a delicious meal. For the ones that crave that touch of elegance at their next party, we can’t recommend canape catering highly enough. Sydney soirees [...]

Package Vs. Bespoke Wedding Catering – Which Should You Choose?

Unlock the annoying answer of which catering service you should opt for: bespoke wedding catering services or budget-friendly wedding catering services in Sydney. Your wedding deserves a dining experience as fine as the love story behind it. When thinking about weddings, all that comes to mind are decisions, decisions, and then some more! One significant question [...]

5 Delightful Father’s Day Catering Ideas to Celebrate Dad in Style (2024)

Spoil Dad this Father's Day with delicious food! Boardwalk Catering offers a range of Father’s Day catering ideas for a special celebration in Sydney. Photo by Milad K Studio Sydney, the sun dips lower, casting long shadows across the worn cricket pitch, its surface etched with the nicks of countless deliveries. Memories surface [...]

Celebrate Mum in Style: High-End Gourmet Sydney Catering for Mother’s Day 2024

Celebrate Mum in Style: High-End Gourmet Sydney Catering for Mother's Day 2024 Spoil the special woman in your life this Mother's Day with a gourmet catering experience she'll never forget! Here in Sydney, there's no shortage of ways to show Mum you care, but why not add a touch of culinary elegance with premium Sydney [...]

Boardwalk Catering: Unveiling Our Premium Catering Menus and Prices

Boardwalk Catering: Unveiling Our Premium Catering Menus and Prices Planning an event in Sydney shouldn’t be a guessing game. This guide unlocks a world of premium catering menus and prices from Sydney’s finest catering service, Boardwalk Catering. Ready to wow your guests? Keep reading! Or, if you want a helping hand, call 0434 917 069 [...]

12 Popular Christmas Party Foods in Sydney (2024)

Deck the halls and jingle those bells, Sydney! It’s Christmas party time, and as an amazing executive assistant, you’re tasked with planning a festive feast that impresses colleagues and clients alike. This could prove quite the challenge, but with these 10 popular Christmas party foods in Sydney 2024, you might just unwrap a jolly good [...]

Premium Small Party Catering for Your Vivid Sydney 2024

In what might be its greatest year yet, Vivid Sydney 2024 is promising a program that will surely delight and astound. The focus of this year's theme, Humanity, is on light, music, thoughts, and food. Over the course of 23 nights, the Sydney scene will come alive with some of the most innovative artists, thinkers, [...]

Premium Corporate Catering for Your Vivid Sydney 2024 Corporate Function

This year's Vivid Sydney is shaping up to be the best yet, with a ripper program themed "Humanity." We're talking light shows, banging tunes, bright ideas, and of course, delicious nosh! Over 23 nights (24 May to 15 June 2024) Sydney CBD will come alive with cutting-edge artists, thinkers, musos, and chefs around. It's a [...]

Your Complete Guide to Hiring Premium Corporate Catering Sydney Services

Ever heard of Olafur Eliasson’s “Ice Watch”? This Danish-Icelandic artist, renowned for his food-for-thought installations, offered a stark reality check in the heart of Paris with a thought-provoking project. In collaboration with geologist Minik Rosing, Eliasson brought 12 hulking chunks of glacial ice, hauled all the way from Greenland’s Nuuk Fjord to form a stark [...]