A Few Delicious Ways To Spruce Up Your Next Corporate Catering Gig

There seems to be several unwritten rules for corporate catering in Sydney, in all our years of providing exceedingly delicious experiences for our clients, we’re quite confident to say that we’ve heard them all – and then some. We’ve heard the debates between buffets and plated variants of boardroom catering, which meat reflects the best tone for a meeting, even the various beverage pairings and etiquette come up on occasion.

While there are kernels of truth hidden away in all of them, the heart of our approach to corporate catering in Sydney remains crystal clear – every occasion requires its own set of rules. What works for one event may not necessarily work for another, and we’ve adopted this methodology and allowed it to envelop every function we take on.

This leads us to today’s blog piece – while the rules often change for each event, there are some foundational considerations that you can take on for your next big event with us that’ll exceed expectations of your colleagues. Think of them as a few useful commonalities we’ve established from years of experience that you can take into consideration when organising your next corporate catering event in Sydney.

Diversify Your Taste Palates

If there is one thing that we have learned in our years of providing office catering to Sydney workplaces, it’s that everyone has a preference. That’s not a horrible thing at all, we love that people are often very passionate about the food they love!

So, if you’re left in charge of the next few corporate lunches and are struggling to decide on a cuisine that’ll satisfy everyone – we’d humbly suggest that you don’t have to be restricted to a singular style. Canapes are becoming more popular, decadent, and diverse, simply taking a glance at our specialist canape menu will undoubtedly shed a little light on the wide range of eclectic tastes we can personally afford you.

In the end, having a spread of Vegan Paella, Fresh Chicken Sliders, with a side of Tender Duck Pancakes available allows everyone to experience a tastebud transforming experience. We’re the premier corporate caterers of Sydney for a number of reasons, one is our flexibility and instinctual desire to provide an experience like no other. You don’t have to have a black-tie sit-down boardroom catering experience to make an impression, having a little of a lot can impress more than you think.

Something For Everyone

As diets become more nuanced and subtle as time goes on, it should go without saying that a delectable occasion should be accessible to everyone. We caught onto this early in our tenure and our executive chefs have worked tirelessly to craft menus across the board that reflect the unique requirements and sensitivities that are bound to pop up in your workplace.

Our corporate catering menu encompasses all facets of culinary delight as well as maintaining a stringent focus on having something for everyone, from Vegans to those with Gluten intolerances. We’re client-focused and thrive on a new challenge, so if you have any queries or requests about certain dietary requirements, get in touch with us and we’ll endeavour to find a way.

The Old Suggestion Box

A classic way of getting the lay of the land for corporate catering in Sydney is to get out the old suggestion box and get everyone to write a type of cuisine that they like. This takes a lot of the pressure off of you and ensures that the resulting event has something that everyone prefers. If all else fails, we have the tried-and-true classic option of delectable platters prepared by our award-winning corporate catering team that will put a smile on anyone’s face.

As always, we live to serve – if you want to learn a little more about us, have a read through our story.