End of Financial Year Party Catering Sydney

Once the arduous task of wrapping up the end of the financial year is completed, it’s time to unwind and acknowledge the achievements of your dedicated employees. After a year of hard work, it’s only fitting to celebrate with the best End of Financial Year party in Sydney before diving into the year ahead.

In order to help you plan a remarkable event for your colleagues, we’ve compiled three main tips and a wealth of ideas for each to make your End Of Financial Year (EOFY) party unforgettable.

#1 Pick an impressive theme for your End of Financial Year party

Choosing a theme for your EOFY party sets the stage for a memorable experience. Yes, Hawaiian luaus and Black and White parties are popular options, but there are many other exciting themes to consider. Here are some ideas to light your creative spark:

  1. Elegance and sophistication: Organise a cocktail party that encourages attendees to dress up and bask in the lap of luxury.
  2. Formal sit-down affair: Host a sit-down affair with a multi-course meal and a matching drinks package.
  3. Themed celebrations: Add a twist to your party with a unique theme like “Christmas in July” that allows everyone to embrace the festive spirit.
  4. Team-building activities: Combine your EOFY party with exciting activities such as go-kart racing, laser tag, or other engaging games.

#2 Find the best Sydney venue for your EOFY party

Once you’ve decided on the type of party you want, the next step is to find a venue that’s convenient and accessible for everyone. Consider the following tips when choosing a location:

  • Central location: Pick a venue that’s either close to your office, in Sydney CBD, or easily reachable by public transport.
  • Weather considerations: Since the end of the financial year falls during the winter, remember to choose indoor and heated venues for evening parties. For daytime events, however, how about you take advantage of the milder weather? Just don’t forget to advise the attendees to dress appropriately.
  • Unique venues: Think outside the box and opt for alternative options, even consider an office party with an external caterer.

#3 Create a memorable EOFY party menu

So, you’ve secured a great venue for your corporate event; now it’s time to create a memorable menu that matches the beautiful sitting. Food is the talk of all talks, and unless handled properly, it could detract from the overall success of your EOFY party.

Regardless of your preferences, be they roving canapés in an elegant gallery, a selection of fried finger food delicacies at an arcade, or an exquisite grazing station, it’s imperative to ensure the perfect fit for your Sydney corporate event.

    • Welcoming bites: Serving beverages or some canapes upon arrival is a terrific way to kick off the EOFY party. Beverages can help set a relaxed mood while small bites keep everyone stated until mealtime.
    • Cater to dietary requirements: Be mindful of dietary restrictions and ensure your corporate menu includes options for vegans, vegetarians, and those with specific dietary needs. Create separate platers that cater to different dietary preferences, such as dairy-free and vegetarian options.
    • Choose the right service style: Depending on the nature of your corporate event, it’s up to you to decide on a service style. Do you want to offer canapés and finger foods or opt for a sit-down meal? If it’s a standing-room-only event, consider waiters roaming the venue with trays of canapés, finger food, or even sushi rolls. If, however, you’re planning on serving main meals for each guest, a sit-down event would make more sense – especially if cutlery is needed.

Plan engaging entertainment and activities

To make your End of Financial Year party one that’s not only fun but also memorable, include entertainment and activities that cater to your team’s preferences. Here are some suggestions:

  • Tailored entertainment: Choose entertainment options that align with your corporate culture and the preferences of your employees. Whether it’s a live band, a DJ, or interactive activities like a mystery dinner theatre or karaoke, ensure it suits the overall atmosphere.
  • Engaging activities: Organise team-building activities that encourage collaboration and interaction. Lawn bowls, trivia competitions, or even indoor options like bowling or escape rooms can bring your team together and create lasting memories.

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Parting thoughts

In conclusion, as you prepare to bid farewell to another successful financial year, it’s crucial to honour your hardworking team with a truly remarkable End of Financial Year party. By following our three tips and exploring the wealth of ideas we’ve provided, you can create an unforgettable celebration that showcases your appreciation for your talented employees. From selecting an impressive theme and finding the perfect Sydney venue to crafting a memorable menu and planning engaging entertainment, every detail counts. And when it comes to premium catering, Boardwalk Catering stands out with its gold license status, commitment to fresh and seasonal produce, and exceptional service that goes above and beyond. So let the festivities begin and toast to a bright future with an unforgettable EOFY party that your team will cherish for years to come.