Five tips when planning your home event catering

Considering a home catering in Sydney? Does the thought of catering it all yourself send shivers down your spine? Spending hours shopping, preparing and cooking in the kitchen, only to be unable to enjoy the celebration in your own home. Home party catering has been on the rise again over the last 6 months as people get back to celebrating the events that they were unable to celebrate in the last 2 years.

Private catering at home doesn’t have to be difficult, that’s why there are caterers like Boardwalk Catering. Our job is to make your home event a complete success. Whether it is a formal plated dinner party for a select few of your closest friends or a canapé party for over 150 guests, we have the knowledge, skills and expertise to make the event a complete success. Our private party catering ensures you will have an event to remember.

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Why host a private event at home?

There are a few simple reasons why hosting a private home party is such a great way to entertain. Firstly, it allows the host to relax in the comfort and familiarity of their own place. This allows them to enjoy their party much more than if they were unfamiliar with their surroundings. The second reason is budget. A home provides a great space to entertain without having to spend budget on a venue. We believe that venues are great spaces to host events and regularly cater all around Sydney. However, if a client of ours has a space at home and is willing to host, we will often recommend the home option. This potentially saves thousands on the venue costs, which often requires cleaning fees, security and other charges.


Here are our five tips when planning home party catering.

  1. Budget

Having a party or event at home is often a great way to save some budget, however; if you aren’t careful, home parties can quickly end up costing more than expected. Our advice, set a budget and stick to it. When setting a budget, consider where the spend will be. What type of catering will you require, how many people will be attending, how long will the event go for? All these factors can affect budget and ultimately impact how the party is perceived and how enjoyable it is for everyone.

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  1. Guest numbers

Considering how many people will attend is another important factor. This will also be dictated by the size and style of the house. There is no point trying to host a sit down for 50 in an apartment. A home event (like any event) is really dependant on numbers as the deciding factor. Venues often post their maximum limits for seated and canape style events. Obviously, this is difficult to consider at home and there is no real rule for this. Just be sensible with the capacity that you feel would suit your home and if in doubt, give a caterer a call so that they can advise on how many they would expect to comfortably fit in a space.


  1. Location

This tip is more suited to the style, facilities and layout of the home and further to this what type of home party menu will work in the space. As a Sydney Catering company, Boardwalk Catering can cook in various locations all around Sydney. We are flexible and adaptable in our approach. A good example of this is cooking in private homes. All kitchens and home layouts are different. Different sized ovens, stove tops and even the type of fridge all plays a part in ensuring the food is a stand out. As a host, it is a good idea to consider the layout and facilities in your home to assist with selecting your menu. Outdoor spaces work well for entertaining, however; if you don’t have one or there is wet weather and indoor plan is needed. We work with our clients to ensure they get the best result on the evening, even if that means using the kitchen bench as the bar and having us cook in the garage, we can make it work.


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Only 15 years ago, there was the seafood allergy and the peanut allergy. Today people have become much more aware of what they put into their bodies and how they feel. Dietary requirements are often brushed over when planning a home party, however; we feel asking your guests if they have any dietary requirements really elevates the home event and shows that the host really cares about their guests. We cater for any dietary requirements completely complimentary and try and get as close as possible to the menu being served to everyone else. For example, our beef slider can be made vegetarian by using a mushroom patty or gluten free by using one of our gluten free sweet potato buns.


  1. Caterer choice matters

Use a caterer that has a proven track record in home catering and cooking for private events. Consider Boardwalk Catering! We are fully insured and Gold Licenced with a food safety supervisor. We have catered many home and private events all around Sydney and aim to make entertaining at home as stress free and easy as possible. Not only do we clean your kitchen from top to bottom after we cater, we also take all our rubbish with us, ensuring there are minimal things for you to do at the end of the party. Don’t just take our word for it – “Please thank your team also for making our evening such an eventful one and we will be in touch when it’s time to celebrate and host an occasion again.”

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Boardwalk Catering is the logical choice when it comes to organising a private event in Sydney. Our expertise will ensure you and your guests have the best possible experience. If you are planning an upcoming event or function, please get in contact for a free quote.