How Corporate Lunches Are Reflecting The Foodie Revolution

Ah, what a time to be alive! One of the reasons we’re so passionate about our work as corporate caterers in Sydney is the fact that we get to stand right on the edge of endless gastronomic possibility and witness the changes happening in real-time.

Throughout our corporate catering careers, we’ve had the distinct pleasure of servicing a whole range of palates, a number of special events, and a huge range of crowds. As we scale from the very intimately small, to grand ballrooms – we make special effort in keeping our stride as the boutique corporate caterers Sydney depends on for impressive quality, and taste-defining excellence.

It should go without saying that there is a method to the madness of it all, it’s not that the bourgeoise have simply taken over the menus of our fair city. People from all walks of life have begun branching out of their comfort zones and as a result, typical corporate lunches have become anything but ordinary.

We’re going to explore and ponder on the reasons why this foodie revolution has become so prominent, and why corporate lunch catering is more apparent as a result of our collective palate diversification.

Across Borders & Boundaries

If you peruse through our varied and eclectic range of culinary delights available for corporate and event catering, you’ll see what we mean when we say that the landscape of gastronomy has changed immeasurably since the days of stock-standard cheese and crackers. While it does seem like a sudden awakening, the slow and inevitable evolution of boardroom catering has actually been incrementally occurring for quite some time.

When we say, ‘Foodie Revolution’, we’re talking about the last few decades where cooking became more than just a chore or mysterious enigma that occurs at the back of restaurants – generations began looking at food as an artform, an ideal to go toward. Soon cooking shows were everywhere, chefs were celebrities, and people began expanding their palates to the ends of the earth.

One chef who had his finger on the pulse was celebrated chef, author, and tv presenter Anthony Bourdain, who brought the idea of appreciating food to the many instead of the few. In his own words, “We are changing societally, and our values are changing…we actually think about what we’re eating, what we ate last night, and what we’re considering eating tomorrow.” Internationally inspired dishes have become synonymous with class

We certainly picked up on this notion early on when our small but passionate team began offering tasty dishes and options for corporate lunches that reflect an expansive world of culinary delight. Our plated menu exudes a range of new-age classics that were not on anyone’s mind a few decades ago. As businesses become more people and relationship-centric, the art of making a good and tasty impression continues to be apparent.

Dress To Impress Corporate Lunch Catering

When you require a bit of extra effort, a little soupçon of elegance for your next big shindig, you’d be hard pressed to go anywhere else. We’re the premier corporate caterers of Sydney and have never compromised on quality or bespoke experiences for you and your company.

We’re all-in-one when it comes to the complete hospitality experience, we’ve got over 10 years in the industry and have an adaptability that is unmatched when it comes to creating a singular experience for each of our clients.

We’re always experimenting with new recipes and ingredient profiles. Finding the newest and intriguing trends that are taking the world by storm and finding new ways of incorporating it into our menus.

In short, we love what we do.

Consider us for your corporate lunches and experience the foodie revolution for yourself.