How to Decide on the Right Corporate Menu for Your Sydney Event

A major reason why companies run corporate events in Sydney is to show appreciation for their employees and boost their morale. These events have shown over and over that they’re a key part of getting people to work hard and instil a sense of belonging. Everyone appreciates recognition

Such corporate events do just that for employees – your company’s most valuable assets. Sydney’s business admins and executive assistants put a lot of thought into hiring the right corporate catering companies to create the perfect corporate menu (the topic of all topics) that satisfies all tastes.

Let’s take a look at how you can take care of the catering needs of your corporate event.

How to decide on the right corporate menu type for your Sydney corporate event

There are several factors to consider when selecting the ideal Sydney caterer and corporate menu for your event. First, we always suggest surveying your guests ahead of time to find out what kind of food to put on the corporate menu. You can make a custom menu based on what your guests like and what they don’t/can’t eat.

Choosing the corporate menu based on your event type

When choosing the right menu for your corporate event, you need to think about what kind of event you’re planning. To that end, here are two things to consider: a) the event schedule and b) the venue. Having these two in mind will help you answer a not-so-easy question: What can you do with the time and space you have?

Let’s say you’re planning a corporate event like an awards ceremony that will take place mostly on stage. In that case, we would suggest a sit-down, plated menu. Another wise choice is serving buffet menus, provided you have enough room and a more flexible schedule. A buffet is also a great way to save money at large events.

Lastly, if your corporate event has a network as the main purpose, then food stations are your best ally. They give your guests the freedom to come and go as they please and to roam the room and network to their hearts’ content.

Now that you know what kind of corporate menu to serve for your event, why don’t you check some of these common mistakes and some best practices for how to make the best corporate menu money can buy?

Common mistakes

  • Liquids and large/messy appetisers: They can easily spill over or drip onto guests’ clothes
  • Placing plates, cutlery, and napkins in the wrong spot
  • Forgetting to bring food labels: Put names and dietary restrictions on food dishes.
  • Positioning the buffet tables against the wall: Consider having 360-degree access for better service
  • Not having condiments near the food: For example, butter and buns are a match made in heaven – don’t interrupt that.

Best Practices

  • Provide options: If possible, offer at least two options for each dish to ensure attendees’ satisfaction. At the very least, provide an option for one course or consider a buffet!
  • What’s the time? If most of the guests coming to your corporate event are likely to be on a tight schedule, a three-course meal might not be the best corporate menu option. Instead, a buffet menu or a cocktail hour would make more sense.
  • Take into account dietary restrictions: As food allergies are becoming more and more common, you’ve got to find out what special diets you’ll need to accommodate, and you’ll go about them. When creating your corporate menu, you should also factor in the needs of religions, cultures, vegetarians, and vegans. 
  • The devil is in the details: Corporate menu planning is an important aspect of corporate event planning, so consider every detail. If you need more help, just ask your venue; or if you want to go all out, we highly recommend reaching out to Cloud9 planning services in Sydney. They “partner with [their] clients and work with them to create stand-out events, conferences and Christmas parties that engage, excite and have the “WOW” factor.” Some of their clients include GSF Australasia, Colgate, NSW, LEGO, Twitter, and many more.
  • Dance with the season: What time of year you’re launching your corporate event should be a significant aspect of how you create your corporate menu. Spiced chicken breasts and that delicious lamb shoulder are best saved for the cooler months. Ideal summer corporate menu options would include a crisp salad followed by a Bombe Alaska. Goats’ cheese tarts are usually a hit any time of year.

Work with Boardwalk Catering to create corporate menu options that impress.

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  • Implementation of 24-hour monitors: Boardwalk Catering sets itself apart by employing 24-hour monitors for our fridges and freezers. This additional safeguard ensures that food remains at optimal temperatures, guaranteeing safety and quality for our client’s corporate events.

Parting thoughts

In the world of corporate events, the perfect corporate many can be the X factor that sets your gathering apart. As far as corporate catering in Sydney is concerned, Boardwalk Catering stands out among the top catering companies in the city – crushing it with a dying commitment to excellence, fresh produce, and a Gold Licence Status. 

Partnering with Boardwalk Catering means working with amazing chefs. We provide a level of service that goes beyond the ordinary. We care a great deal about the food, its presentation, and safety and so we’ve decided to implement 24-hour monitors for our fridges and freezers known and used by only a select few. They’re incredibly expensive, but it just shows how much we’re committed to our food quality and your food safety. The result? Every bite is perfect. Every belly is full.

So, if you’re ready to crush your corporate event, trust Boardwalk Catering with your corporate menu. Email us at [email protected] or call us at 0434 917 069. We’re ready!