Sydney surf club weddings – the perfect Sydney wedding venue

Finding a venue for your wedding is basically the starting point for most couples. The problem is, there are so many to choose from. Most are suited to different budgets, different numbers of people and different styles of wedding so it can be a daunting task to find what is right for you.

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I wanted to focus on one style of wedding venue for this blog post. Surf Clubs. The quintessential style of Sydney weddings is the surf club wedding. Balanced between affordability and class, there are numerous venues up our east cost which cater to different numbers and requirements.

There are however; a number factors to consider with a surf club wedding:

Affordability: Surf clubs are relatively affordable to hire (in terms of their locations) but you are limited in some ways. The hire price may be affordable, but ensure you check to see if you need to hire tables and chairs as these can quickly add up. Surf clubs are also great if you want to DIY the styling and layout. Basically, what you see is what you get, but you can do a lot of personalising.

Flexibility: Surf clubs are usually flexible in terms of hire requirements. i.e. If you require the venue for the whole day for set up, this can usually be arranged. When enquiring you should also check how flexible the venue is for styling. Usually these venues won’t mind temporary styling and theming. As long as you aren’t putting holes in the walls, most ideas are within limits.

Location: Surf clubs are located near the beach as their name suggests. Not only is this great for photos (think bride and groom on the beach whilst the sun sets) but can also be cooler in summer and give a relaxed feel to the whole event. If you are a laid back couple, consider a surf club. There is also often ample parking at these venues due to them being located at public beaches.

Experience: If you are considering a surf club wedding, chances are the venue has done one before. These venues see many events per year; so will be able to guide you with choices and requirements. This is super valuable as most of the time, this is the first time the bride and groom will be planning an event like this. This guidance will save you heaps of time and money!

When planning your Sydney surf club wedding it is important to theme the menu appropriately. Due to the relaxed nature of the venue, the menu lends itself to share style platters, buffet wedding catering and grazing stations, however; canapé style would also work perfectly.

A quick note also, the surf club is not limited wedding catering; it’s a perfect venue for birthday celebrations, engagement parties and even Christmas parties. Once again providing a unique backdrop for the event and a relaxed style of venue in Sydney.

I have included a list below of some of the Sydney surf clubs. You are most welcome to contact us regarding any of these clubs and we will do our best to assist. Some require their own caterers, but some allow you to bring in the caterer of your choice.

  • Bronte Surf Club
  • Avalon Beach SLSC
  • Bilgola SLSC
  • Bungan Beach SLSC
  • Collaroy SLSC
  • Dee Why SLSC
  • Freshwater SLSC
  • Long Reef SLSC
  • Mona Vale SLSC
  • Narrabeen Beach SLSC
  • Newport SLSC
  • North Narrabeen SLSC
  • North Palm Beach SLSC
  • North Steyne SLSC
  • Palm Beach SLSC
  • South Curl Curl SLSC
  • South Narrabeen SLSC
  • Warriewood SLSC
  • Whale Beach SLSC
  • North Cronulla SLSC
  • Tamarama SLSC

If you are considering a surf club wedding, please get in contact and we will do our best to help.

Have a great day!

Tim and Alli