Wedding catering for intimate and small weddings in Sydney

Intimate and small weddings are becoming increasingly popular – if for anything, then probably because they allow couples to focus on their spouses, their vows, and their loved ones. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with going all out for the big day, the simple things can sometimes have the most significant impact.

A small wedding may be a joyous occasion for the entire family, not just the bride and the groom. They offer more intimate, personal ceremonies with fewer guests and less stress for the happy couple.

That said, what wedding works without food? Exactly. Wedding catering goes beyond just serving delicious food and beverages; it sets the tone and ambience of the entire celebration. From the moment guests arrive and are greeted with delicious appetisers to the main course and dessert, catering plays a crucial role in improving the wedding’s overall experience.

In any case, here are some insightful wedding catering ideas for intimate and small weddings in Sydney…

benefits to having catering at your small wedding

Couples might not think they need a full-service caterer for a smaller event. Not only is there a need (umm, hello? food?), but there are also several benefits to catering a smaller wedding rather than a bigger one.

#1 Budget expansion

Consider a budget of $10,000 for a group of 100 guests. Picture what you could do if you had only 10k to spend on half as many individuals.

You can now spend more money within your budget per person to purchase some finer items, such as things that were on your wish list and now can be a reality.

#2 More presence

Catering costs will be reduced because there will be fewer people to serve, clean up after, make drinks for, and so on. This will enable the catering team to provide more customised service.

“Another benefit of small weddings is that we can pay a little bit more attention to everyone in the wedding event from a service perspective,” Chef Tim noted. “We actually get to connect with two or three people at a given event rather than just our contact, who would come to the tasting and be the main point of contact”

#3 Less stress

In general, a smaller wedding will be less stressful. Fewer logistics, fewer people asking you questions, fewer people to arrange a seating plan, and more. That also implies less stress for the catering staff. Fewer guests with dietary restrictions, fewer menu options to ask for, fewer tables to visit during dinner, and fewer people making the bar line long.

“The level of stress and expectations that you have on your shoulders is so much lower,” Chef Tim stated. “It allows the whole team to relax and do what they do best. Provide amazing wedding catering.”

wedding catering for intimate weddings

Menu options for small weddings

In order to elevate the experience, one of the key components of a successful intimate and small wedding plan is the food. Professional catering services offer a wide range of menu options that are specifically designed to suit small weddings.

#1 Presenting different menu options

When aiming to provide each of your guests a unique experience, professional caterers will do everything in their power to provide a diverse selection of menu options – and that covers the canapes, the main courses, and the desserts. Couples may pick and choose from numerous global cuisines, such as Italian, Asian, Mediterranean, or traditional Australian, to suit their preferences and themes.

#2 Highlighting flexibility and customisation

One of the greatest advantages of wedding catering is the flexibility and customisation it offers. It’s an environment where couples and their wedding caterer of choice work together to curate a menu that perfectly matches their vision, which may incorporate elements like cultural influences or accommodation of specific dietary needs.

#3 Discussing special dietary requirements

Professional caters with years of experience understand the significance of catering to specialised dietary requirements, like vegetarian or gluten-free options. The wedding event isn’t just about the happy couple, but the guests they’ve invited as well.

Creative presentation and styling

#1 put more thought into styling

Feel free to wing it or take cues from a wedding stylist. You don’t need lots of things to make a small wedding special, but the unusual and one-of-a-kind will always be remembered. A few well-chosen statements will have all the impact on the world. Here are a few things that have inspired us lately:

#2 Get creative with catering

We’re all for sausages and mash if that’s your thing, but these days, there are so many creative caterers out there that will make your wedding breakfast stand out with their tasty, beautifully presented food that you might want to give them a little more thought.

Sharing platters or grazing tables, in our opinion, can never go wrong; it has a genuine WOW effect and instantly becomes part of your overall design; the mix of colours, textures, aromas, shapes, and heights makes for a stunning presentation. Many grazing tables can be found on the side, but why not make it your table centrepiece?

There’s more to life than sausage rolls, grapes, and cheese. Be sure to check our different wedding menus.

Pro tip: Remember to top with edible flowers and herbs. It’s a simple trick, but it goes a long way.

Final thoughts

A small wedding can be a happy time for everyone present, not just the groom and bride, and with the right wedding catering service by your side, that experience is on a whole other level. Catering is going to elevate your intimate wedding to new heights by utilising a tailored approach, creative presentation, and styling. Not to mention, the flexibility and customisation options make it a perfect fit for any dietary requirements (however rare they are) or budget considerations. 

If you’re planning a small wedding or your wedding catering, don’t overlook the value that professional catering can bring to the table! We invite you to reach out to Boardwalk Catering for a free consultation. Our team of experts is ready to help you create a culinary experience that will delight tastebuds and wow guests. Let’s make your small Sydney wedding unforgettable!