Why More People Are Choosing Corporate Catering Over Restaurants

There are a number of reasons why more workplaces are ditching the restaurant bookings in favour of gourmet corporate catering that comes to them. We’re certainly not complaining, our business is built on the notion that you don’t need to venture far for restaurant-quality cuisine. It’s truly an exciting time to be a foodie and an office worker – with so much more attention being paid to quality and conceptual cuisines that corporate caterers like ourselves can offer, there’s truly no need to squeeze into a cramped restaurant to have an unforgettable 5-star experience.

Whether it’s wining and dining clients or a special treat for the workforce, office catering in Sydney is in the midst of a renaissance, with culinary delight and subtle flavour profiles taking over the boring meals of yesteryear.

Let’s explore a few of the reasons why more workplaces are choosing to bring the gourmet experience to them and why we have the corporate event catering experience that more people love.

Bespoke Cuisine Choices

Let’s talk turkey, we’re quite proud of the sheer range of corporate catering options that can be offered these days. The oft-incorrect association that people have with our industry is that cuisine options are stale and outdated, shuddering flashbacks to the old days of boardroom catering and long steel troughs filled with questionable flecks of chicken or beef.

Then the foodie revolution occurred.

Suddenly chefs were becoming famous, the idea of food being an artform began to snowball into all facets of our everyday lives. Worldwide influences and styles of cuisine began taking over, and suddenly there seemed to be more options for foodies than ever before.

We speak for ourselves when we say that our options are as eclectic and diverse as the workplaces we service. There’s an element of quality and care infused into every recipe, whether it’s a succulent Triston Island Lobster Tail from our Buffet Menu, or a simple but delectable Yellowtail Kingfish Ceviche from our Canapes.

What we’re saying is, there is an irrevocable and incredible change in the way corporate catering in Sydney is conducted – the gourmet experience is now par for the course.

Corporate Catering Talent

The amount of talent going into the private sector of culinary creation and hospitality services is eyebrow-raising to say the least. In the last few years, we’ve seen more and more top-tier chefs diverge away from the unpredictable and ever-worrisome restaurant scene in the city and its surrounds. There were rumblings about this shift all the way back in 2017, long before the pandemic had reared its head and turned the whole industry upside down.

The sense of creative freedom, the personal touch, and the expansive possibilities seem to be some of the driving forces behind the expanding pool of talent that resides in the private sector. Having an executive chef with years of experience preparing your gourmet corporate lunches is an enticing notion to say the least.

Cosy, Convenient, & Simple

We’d be remiss if we didn’t at least mention the elephant in the room, and one of the more obvious reasons as to why more workplaces are ditching the restaurant booking for their special occasions. The annoyances of finding a restaurant, booking, and organising everyone is negated with a simple phone call.


We’ve endeavoured to make the Sydney corporate catering experience as simple as possible – don’t believe us? Have a look at our testimonials and see for yourself.