Exciting times ahead with the upcoming launch of Boardwalk Catering’s new seasonal menus. These will be going live from the 1st of September for the upcoming spring/summer season. Whether you are requiring catering in Sydney for a corporate event, private at home event or wedding we have something to offer. Our menus were created to balance a curated mix of seasonal dishes focused on quality and ranging in style & flavour. It makes selecting a menu, a simple and enjoyable task. Our offering includes a mix of hot & cold items, including premium Australian seafood and incorporates contemporary cooking techniques, varying textures and quality produce. Our menus are easy to understand and select from with recognisable food to keep your guests comfortable. We are also able to modify most of the items to ensure they cater for a range of dietary requirements.

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Seasonal catering for a range of events and functions

Our menus have been re-designed to take advantage of the premium summer produce in NSW with a focus on quality to ensure our catering stands out from the crowd. By trusting us with your event catering you can be assured that the food quality will be of the highest level. Our suppliers are registered, local and trustworthy. If anything arrives that isn’t what we asked for, we work with them to ensure we get a replacement. As everyone is aware, the price of produce has been and remains a huge challenge for the hospitality industry. With recent weather conditions, COVID-19 and labour shortages growers and farmers are struggling to produce their product. Our Sydney catering menus have a focus on quality and seasonality to ensure once these challenges are mitigated we will provide the best possible product at the best possible price.

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Taking advantage of flavours 

Another element which we considered when designing our new seasonal menus is flavour. The Boardwalk Catering chefs worked together to ensure the new catering menu follows our regular style and flavour profile. This again is flavours which people recognise, with a focus on quality. For example our new ‘fresh fig and goats cheese salad with radicchio, toasted walnuts and lemon dressing’ was designed to take advantage of the upcoming fig season. The sweetness of the figs coupled with the acid from the lemon dressing, creamy goat’s cheese and bitterness of the radicchio leads to a truly magnificent match of flavours. Add in the crunchy texture of the toasted walnuts and you can almost imagine a Sunday buffet lunch with family and friends in your backyard.


Preparation you can trust from a Gold Licenced Sydney Catering Company

We prepare our menus in our production HQ based in Artarmon. This is a full commercial kitchen where we have been based for the last 4 years. We are also a Gold Licenced Catering Company which is a qualification gained from the Australian Restaurant and Catering association. This allows our clients to distinguish us a Sydney caterer of the highest level. The Gold Licence is a symbol of quality and assurance which corporate clients and private clients can use when selecting a catering company. It assures them we have extremely high standards of cleanliness & food safety, professionalism and workplace standards. We obtained our Gold Licence in 2018 and have maintained it throughout the last 4 years ensuring our operation is of the highest quality.


Corporate catering Sydney

Our corporate event catering menu focuses on food which is recognisable, flavoursome and of an extremely high quality. This is important for corporate events where quality and attention to detail is paramount. When planning a corporate event however; people forget that many have differing tastes and expectations when it comes to food. Our corporate menu takes this into account and we have ensured our food is easy to recognise, easy to eat and easy to understand. This means that no one feels silly when canapes come around and they don’t know what they are. We want our clients to feel comfortable and confident when eating our food. We ensure that our dipping sauces and canapes are drip free, to mitigate any accidents on clothing. We aren’t your usual sandwich platter Sydney Catering Company, what we are really good at are canapé parties, buffets and plated menus.

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Private catering in Sydney

Entertaining in the comfort of your own home provides a truly unrivalled dining experience. The relaxed nature of being in familiar surroundings ensures you are truly can enjoy the experience. Whether it is with a larger number of friends for a canape party or a smaller intimate dinner party, we have something to offer. Our plated menus take advantage of the best seasonal produce which we can get our hands on, then we treat it with care using modern cooking techniques and ensure it reaches your guests at its peak. Entertaining at home has never been easier with our helpful team who can assist with the planning and organising of your event.


Wedding catering in Sydney

If there is one day where you want the food to be perfect, it is for your wedding day. Our new seasonal menus are doing just that and ensuring the food for your wedding is exceptional. We offer complimentary wedding tastings at our production kitchen in Artarmon and assistance with recommending suppliers to ensure your day runs smoothly. Over the past 7 years we have identified the ‘best in the business’ and can happily recommend additional suppliers for your wedding. As a Gold Licence Caterer we are also able to cater in almost any venue in Sydney as some have Gold Licence requirements.

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If you have an event upcoming or are currently planning a wedding, please do not hesitate to contact us to see why we are different and how we can help. Our friendly team would be more than happy to provide a quotation and recommendations on how we can make your celebration a complete success. Contact us here