Discover ‘the Boardwalk difference’

Discover the Boardwalk Catering difference.

If you read through many pages of this website, I mention ‘the Boardwalk difference’ a number of times. Today I wanted to explore what exactly ‘the Boardwalk difference’ is and how it can help you for your next event.

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Boardwalk Catering is the product of many years of experience in the hospitality industry. Through those years, Alli and myself have learnt some very valuable lessons, made a tonne of mistakes and worked more 80-hour weeks than we can remember. Boardwalk Catering has evolved from our sister catering company Paella amor that services Sydney with its paellas and tapas.

We were approached by one of our industry contacts from Sydney Harbour Yacht Charter and we were asked to cater on two Sydney charter boats. Boom – Boardwalk Catering was born.

Many refinements later we have the current Boardwalk Catering. Not only has our offering grown, but our styling, event management and the techniques that we use, have become versatile and adaptive to the current Sydney catering market. Constant development and listening to our clients has made Boardwalk what it is today.

‘The Boardwalk difference’ is part of this overall strategy. It is versatile, adaptive and has stemmed as a result of listening to our clients and exceeding their expectations time and time again. ‘The Boardwalk difference’ can also mean different things to different clients. I have highlighted these below.

Corporate Sydney Catering – ‘The Boardwalk difference’ represents value, presentation, timeliness and a no hassle approach to business. This ensures our busy corporate clients are able to easily book catering and that they know what they are going to get. It will be delivered on time; looking the same as it did the last time they ordered and offer value in the corporate catering space. Our staff will be impeccably presented, experienced and professional.

Wedding catering Sydney – ‘The Boardwalk difference’ represents flexibility, variety, personalisation and making your day special. Through our number of wedding industry contacts, we are able to deliver a unique offering with a flexible approach to what the bride and groom want for their wedding. Tailored menus, specific styling and a large range of beverages are all offered at Boardwalk Catering. We will exceed your expectations on the day to ensure you have a truly memorable event. We let our family look after your family on this special day.

Private party / event catering Sydney – ‘The Boardwalk difference’ represents our caring approach, experience, versatility and range of menu options to choose from. All our staff are trained to care for your property whilst we are there. We even clean your kitchen. Yes. That’s right, we will leave your kitchen as clean or cleaner than when we arrived. We can customise menu items to suit dietary requirements and even create menus from scratch to suit a theme. You are just limited by your imagination. Our private parties have included birthdays, christenings, baby showers, engagement parties, family dinners, going away parties, funeral catering and even just for fun celebrations. Whatever the event, chances are we have catered for one similar. If not, we have the resources and experience to create something special just for you.

Boat / vessel / Super Yacht catering – ‘The Boardwalk difference’ represents flexibility, professionalism, on water experience and organisation. This is important when working on boats and super yachts. They are often more than just a machine, they are there for your enjoyment and you want to take care of them. Why settle for anything less than a catering company in Sydney, which has the experience and knowledge to look after your vessel. Boardwalk Catering has extensive on water experience and will care for your boat as if it was our own. All our food tubs are non-scratch to protect your pride and joy. Our flexibility means that we can remain on your boat past our quoted hours if you are enjoying your day. We can also arrange water taxis for extra food or beverage. Our professionalism on board is important to us and reflects our brand. Unobtrusive and detail oriented, just how service should be on your boat.

What ever your event, ‘the Boardwalk difference’ is what sets us apart from other catering companies in Sydney. We aim to exceed your expectations and go the extra mile, whilst still providing catering services according to your budget and requirements.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me directly at any time or follow the links on our website to enquire about an event.