How Thematic Corporate Catering Casts A Strong Impression

We’ve spoken before on the incredible diversity of palatable options that comprise modern corporate catering. The whole team at Boardwalk Catering are always excitably looking at the trends and everchanging taste palates that sprout up around the world to continuously reinvent what office catering in Sydney can truly offer.

One of the noticeable trends we’ve seen throughout our endeavours and years of providing tasty arrays of succulent corporate lunches, dinners and everything in between has been the powerful impact that a solid theme choice can bring to an occasion. Many of our corporate event catering clients host these shindigs, events, soirees, and occasions for their own clients, workers, or prospective investors – making a good impression is of course a priority.

This is what this blog post will be exploring, some of the ways you can enhance the experience of your next get-together with creative choices from our delectable selection of corporate event catering options.

The Flan With A Plan

We offer a culinary experience like no other, and we’ve certainly seen how a delicious hearty meal can turn the tides in anyone’s favour. However, there are always ways to further enhance the experience for your guests, one of which is the creative use of thematic planning.

When we say ‘thematic planning’ we’re not talking about decking out the entire space with decorations and dress-up requirements. We’re referring to something with a little more subtlety. Thematic menu planning for instance and distinct food choices that follow a theme are becoming more popular amongst corporate caterers.

We’ve worked with clients that have had a certain cuisine-based theme in mind that we’ve had a lot of fun in creatively bringing their vision to life. In our previous blog about the foodie revolution, we mentioned that sheer variety has made a tremendous impact on the way we see office catering. This plays perfectly into this as we can certainly attest to the rising expectations of our clients.

Playing To Your Audience

When we get a call to craft some delectable delights for our clients, there’s almost always a factor of whom you’re hosting. After all, they could be prospective clients for your business, existing clients coming in for a celebration, or simply an event that celebrates you and your workers.

Each of these potential audiences will undoubtedly have a different vibe and approach that you’ll be aiming to satisfy. If you’re looking at hosting prospective customers – then a sit-down or plated boardroom catering option would likely be more appealing than a buffet. Not only does it exude a little more class and sophistication, but it also allows for a calmer atmosphere for setting a good impression.

On the other end – if you’re throwing a shindig for your employees, then a more relaxed buffet or platter style approach will serve to keep the feeling light and jovial which can lead to a much more positive impression left on them.

Start Planning Today

If you’re looking at organising an exciting event for your workplace, consider the best corporate caterers in Sydney (Yes, us). We’re always looking for new and exciting challenges and look forward to providing the bespoke gastronomical experience you’ve been hoping for.

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