In what might be its greatest year yet, Vivid Sydney 2024 is promising a program that will surely delight and astound. The focus of this year’s theme, Humanity, is on light, music, thoughts, and food. Over the course of 23 nights, the Sydney scene will come alive with some of the most innovative artists, thinkers, musicians, and culinary specialists of our time.

The problem is… the millions of visitors both local and international coming to see the festival. I mean have you ever tried to navigate the Sydney crowds and secure a prime viewing location for a private party during Vivid Sydney? It can be a significant challenge.

Not only is competition fierce for the best spots, but the sheer volume of visitors can make it exceptionally hard to curate a bespoke and intimate experience for a special occasion.

This is where our expertise in small party catering Sydney services comes into play. Partnering with a reputable and experienced Sydney caterer specialising in intimate gatherings can transform your Vivid Sydney 2024 experience into a truly memorable affair.

This blog post covers the specific perks of hiring premium small party catering services for your Vivid Sydney 2024 soiree and how exceptional they can be throughout the process.

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Why Partner with a Small Party Caterer for Vivid Sydney 2024?

Premium small party catering may give your Vivid Sydney 2024 the edge it needs for a truly special occasion. Here’s how:

  • Uniqueness: premium private party caterers collaborate closely with you to design a menu that measures up to the occasion. 
  • Ambience: High-end party caterers can gain access to unique sites with stunning views of the Vivid Sydney light displays. They exclusively locate hidden gems – superyachts, luxurious havens, and more. Essentially, what you get is a Vivid Sydney experience with the best view in town!
  • Exclusivity: Effortless refinement – or so it seems. With experienced party catering services, you can be sure that your culinary experience is created by attentive service, flawless course transitions, and a steady supply of exquisite, locally produced food and beverages.
  • High-end gourmets: There will be no more food squabbles; the dishes prepared by a high-end gourmet party caterer are crafted using locally sourced, seasonal ingredients. Plus, they adapt to all dietary requirements, so no one needs to reach for indigestion pills.

How Boardwalk Catering Makes Your Vivid Sydney 2024 Party Shine

At Boardwalk Catering (BWC), we’re experts in crafting bespoke small party catering Sydney experiences. Vivid Sydney is as good as any other special occasion to forge connections and create new memories. If you’d like to get into the nitty-gritty of small party catering, this comprehensive guide is the only one of its kind anywhere on the web

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#1 Premium Party Menu Options for a Stellar Vivid Sydney 2024 Experience

  • Canapés: We’re talking about taste explosions. As you mingle and take in the lively ambience of Vivid Sydney aboard a superyacht, picture yourself nibbling on mini versions of the most mouth-watering dishes you’ve ever seen. Savoury duck, cucumber slices, and spring onion fill our light pancakes. There are also small Angus beef burgers available, which burst with taste and come on charcoal buns with smoked aioli, Boardwalk chutney, and a sharp pickle. Crispy chicken sliders smothered in sweet chilli aioli and tucked inside soft brioche buns add an Asian twist.
    For more luscious canape menu options, see our menu.
  • Plated Dinners: Our plated dinners feature succulent marine gem fish, delectable Australian lamb, and earthy joy mushroom tartlets, perfect for a private party with an elegant touch. Steaks prepared by Mastro, fish caught on the island, and a dreamy risotto with a creamy, earthy flavour are the main courses. Desserts range from quirky, deconstructed pavlovas to luscious milk chocolate tarts.
    See the entire list of our plated dishes here.
  • Buffets: For bigger Vivid Sydney parties, our high-end buffets include a variety of hot and cold dishes served on elegant buffet platters with serving tools and complemented by 2 ply white napkins. The party menu selections include Gold, Platinum, and Diamond, with fresh fish, exquisite meats, and sumptuous locally sourced products. Vegetarian, gluten-free, and shellfish-free alternatives are clearly indicated to cater to all dietary needs. Exquisite desserts and a comprehensive selection of accompaniments round out the image, resulting in a fine dining experience.

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#2 Vivid Sydney 2024 With a Bespoke Culinary Experience

Escape the throng of Vivid Sydney with a quiet hideaway. We collaborate with one-of-a-kind party venues (like these superyachts) that offer breathtaking vistas of light displays. We’ll be updating our list of venues on our website soon. Until then, reach out to enquire about anything venue-related. We’re always happy to jump on a call.

Let us choose the ideal small party venue for you to wow your guests. Call 0434 917 069 or email [email protected] today!

#3 Seamless service and culinary expertise

Backed by the prestigious Gold Licence Accreditation Program, our seasoned staff will manage your Vivid Sydney 2024 party food. Our professional chefs provide stellar culinary experiences, and our wait staff and bartenders provide impeccable service and hospitality. The licence ensures the highest food safety and hygiene requirements—giving you peace of mind.

#4 Fresh and Local Produce

We champion Australian produce. We acquire our ingredients from local farmers and craftsmen to ensure freshness, quality, and a celebration of local flavours.

This Sydney market Tour we did a while back can reveal what the sourcing process looks like.

#5 Transparent Pricing for Vivid Sydney Parties

Transparency is important. While the customised nature of our corporate catering services precludes a single price list, we are pleased to provide a complete menu with pricing breakdowns. As a guide, an 80-person canape event would be around $10K, and an 80-person sit-down would be around $16K. Things do vary depending on several factors. To get an estimate, please contact us and let us know about your exact requirements; we’ll build a custom estimate to match your budget.

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Parting Thoughts

Vivid Sydney 2024 is a gorgeous light show. True, but it’s also more than that. It celebrates human ingenuity, inventiveness, and connectivity. Create a unique and irresistible small party with superior party catering to forge connections and share some love—all while enjoying the wonder of Vivid.

Let’s make your Vivid Sydney party shine!

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Disclaimer: Menu items, prices, and venue availability may vary. Please contact Boardwalk Catering for the most current information and to discuss your specific requirements.

Your Premium Small Catering Questions, Answered.

What’s the most lavish or challenging catering job you’ve undertaken? How did you handle it?

Chef Tim once pulled off a mind-blowing molecular gastronomy event! The “blowing” part? Just picture “salmon roe” as actual carrot pearls, and edible “rocks”—that’s right! Rocks!—made out of potato! During this special occasion, we’ve had grown men giggling about eating a rock. It was awesome.

Does Boardwalk Catering have a Gold Licence?

You bet! Our gold licence means we don’t just follow the strictest hygiene and food safety regulations, we go beyond. Catering for small parties requires top performance and the right accreditation to back up every claim. This way, party guests can relax and enjoy good food with complete peace of mind. Check out their website for more information.

How long has Boardwalk Catering been in business?

We’ve been catering for parties for over a decade now! We understand the challenges and opportunities of Vivid Sydney 2024 and use our expertise to create unique culinary experiences for your special occasion.

How important is food safety to Boardwalk Catering?

We are dedicated to upholding the utmost levels of quality by consistently monitoring our cold storage rooms and freezers around the clock. A senior chef supervises the inspection of meat, fish, fruits, and vegetables to ensure that they meet the required standards for freshness and suitability for consumption. Our food safety policy is executed with great attention to detail, ensuring that every step is followed methodically. This includes adhering to proper storage methods and a dedication to using all ordered ingredients within a narrow 1-3 day timeframe. By doing so, we guarantee that each component contributes to the exceptional culinary quality for which Boardwalk Catering is well-known. The majority of our senior chefs possess the certification of Food Safety Supervisors and possess an extensive grasp of food safety regulations. Food safety has consistently been a top priority for Boardwalk Catering since its inception. We employ specialised food transportation containers to ensure that high-risk food is not exposed to dangerous temperatures during transit. Our rigours quality assurance processes ensure that taste, presentation, and safety are seamlessly integrated to maximise every catering experience.

Does Boardwalk Catering prioritise ethical sourcing?

Absolutely! We believe in sustainable practices and source ingredients ethically and locally. We use line-caught seafood and focus on responsible culinary choices. Your party food will be not only delicious but also ethically sourced.

How can I know if a venue cost is a good deal?

Venue pricing can be tricky. A seemingly expensive option might be perfect for your party’s style and size. Conversely, a cheaper venue might be inconvenient for guests. The best value depends on how well the space fits your needs. If the venue helps you achieve your party goals, it’s a good deal.

How can we know if the premium party catering cost is a good deal?

The best way we know of is to compare! Look at similar private party caterers offering a similar style/menu. We can answer any questions. Our pricing considers menu choices, staff needs, and potential kitchen setup. Small parties may allow for more flexibility and customisation in the menu options.

What role does a premium catering service play at private parties?

We do more than just provide food and drinks here at BWC! Our team can help break the ice, offer discreet service, and even manage time to ensure your Vivid Sydney party runs smoothly. We want your guests to be well-fed, comfortable, and enjoying themselves, all while enhancing the overall flow of the special occasion.

How does Boardwalk Catering handle the catering process for Vivid Sydney 2024 parties?

We know planning a party can be busy! That’s why we offer efficient food and beverage recommendations that are perfect for a finger-food-style party. We’ll prioritise mess-free dishes that won’t stain clothes, and provide clear menu descriptions so your guests can easily choose their favourites.