Successful corporate catering in Sydney requires a high degree of skill and attention to detail. Delegating this task to seasoned professionals will guarantee the event’s success and provide your guests with a seamless experience.

Whether it’s your annual business event, key client meetings, or team-building sessions, hiring a professional catering service can be a terrific way to ensure your corporate event runs smoothly and flawlessly. Hiring a professional corporate catering business in Sydney is a critical step in creating an event that exceeds expectations. Why would business owners need corporate catering services for their Sydney events? Is it beneficial to the success of their premium corporate events? What steps should there be to guarantee a successful corporate catering experience?

Read on.

Why Sydney business owners need corporate catering services

#1 Making a strong impression

By providing premium corporate catering services in Sydney, business owners send a clear message to guests about who they are and what their company represents. Whether it’s treating clients to a wonderful dining experience or rewarding staff with tasty sweets after a long office meeting, corporate catering is a fantastic method to impress both business clients and employees for a positive outcome. It contributes to elevating any organisation’s reputation to a higher level.

#2 Professional assistance

Who better to cater your event than experts with years of experience? Corporate caterers employ highly experienced and skilled chefs, as well as trained wait staff, to address all catering operations with the highest professionalism. From food styling and presentation to extensive ingredient knowledge and innovative menus, a competent premium catering service provider in Sydney is certainly your ideal partner for any business event.

#3 Exceptional menus

One of the greatest perks of choosing professional catering services is the premium and personalised approach to menu creation. As corporate catering service providers we source ingredients, prepare to the highest standard in our Gold Licensed commercial kitchen and present & serve at your function. Experienced caterers know what works and are able to guide clients effectively to ensure the complete success of the menu.

#4 Special events, special chefs!

Hiring high-end corporate caterers is the best way to ensure guests leave with the “Wow” reaction you were hoping for. They are masters at going above and beyond to make sure your event is perfect. From delectable canapes to contemporary main course and luscious desserts, your guests will be taken on a culinary adventure – and it will be divine.


Steps to successful corporate catering in Sydney

#1 Develop a corporate catering strategy

First, you must learn the fundamentals. We’re caterers; therefore, you need to figure out the who, what, when, where, and how of your meal plans. We may be of great help to you when deciding on the what and how of your catering. The answers to these questions are critical in determining what type of food will best suit your corporate event.

Other key considerations are:

  • Your budget
  • The atmosphere you want your catering to create
  • The location where you will be serving food
  • The timeframe during which your guests will be present at your event

Granted, you’ll want caterers that offer a menu that will suit all of your guests. However, hiring a corporate catering company adaptable enough to work with the unique aspects of your event is just as significant.

#2 Know your guests

What is the most crucial aspect to consider while preparing a corporate event? That’s right, the people!

Consider how many guests you will have and who they are. Are you catering to accountants or tradies? Are you offering them breakfast, lunch, or dinner? Is the session before lunch likely to run late, resulting in a starving swarm flooding the food all at once?

Aside from appetite, keep in mind that almost 2% of Australians have some sort of food allergies. When selecting a corporate catering business in Sydney, examine whether they provide vegetarian, gluten-free, vegan, and/or even dairy-free options. The ability to effectively cater for dietary requirements has become a complete necessity to ensure a corporate events success.

More importantly, you’ve got to ensure that your special diet guests are not served cucumber slices on normal rice crackers. A professional caterer may provide exquisite selections to accommodate any dietary restrictions.

#3 Let your venue guide your inspiration

Consider your venue carefully. Allow its layout to lead you. Will your annual meeting take place in breakout rooms or a spacious theatre? Will your visitors be drinking outside? Will they be munching while they socialise? Are they going to be seated at tables? Will they be bringing their food to their seats? Do you have enough room to set up tables for a three-course meal?

Understanding your venue will give you a clear picture of what type of catering would be most appropriate for the event you’re planning in Sydney.

#4 Consider the food factor

Now it’s time for the fun part: choosing the menu!

The food served at your event will impact both your guests and your timetable. The corporate catering service you choose has to provide an excellent menu that fits into your schedule.

Lunches should be filling but not heavy. Finger food should be recognisable and fuss-free but substantial enough to suit your dining schedule. A spicy and aromatic dish that could be appropriate for after-work beverages is not a wise choice for an early-morning meet-and-greet.

After you’ve established your ground rules, you can get creative. How about a paella station, themed canape party or even a seafood ice bar for guests to help themselves. What about a corporate breakfast grazing station – see below.

The right premium corporate catering service provider will also be able to bend and twist their meals to satisfy your desires. It is part of their duty to create the mood you need for your event in Sydney.

#5 Hire premium; you get premium.

Catering is one of those situations where you truly get what you pay for.

Not everything has to be caviar and saffron. In fact, expensive ingredients are sometimes unnecessary. A competent cook can create magic with few ingredients. Flavour is determined by kitchen skills rather than the cost of the ingredients.

So, while price is critical when picking a caterer, consider what you actually get for your money. If you’re serious about premium corporate catering in Sydney, look into the track record, reviews, and experience of the caterers you’re considering.

Grazing station set up for a corporate breakfast event in SydneyFinal thoughts

The key to successful corporate catering at your next event is finding a company that impresses both you – in terms of flexibility, reliability, and pricing – and your guests – in terms of a delectable menu, superb service, and appropriate volume.

These are the main goals of Boardwalk Catering. Our specialty premium corporate events and functions. This includes product launches, high end canape parties, boardroom lunch catering and formal dining & plated catering. Please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us should you wish to obtain a quote or if you have any questions regarding our corporate catering in Sydney.