Ever heard of Olafur Eliasson’s “Ice Watch”? This Danish-Icelandic artist, renowned for his food-for-thought installations, offered a stark reality check in the heart of Paris with a thought-provoking project.

In collaboration with geologist Minik Rosing, Eliasson brought 12 hulking chunks of glacial ice, hauled all the way from Greenland’s Nuuk Fjord to form a stark circle outside the Place de Panthéon. The message, while undeniably sobering, lit up a realisation in my head that’s as bright as a toddler’s gaze: Just as those 12 blocks of ice melt away in the face of time so too are the culinary experiences in Sydney’s corporate events. Food comes and goes, but what we’re left with, hopefully, are memories of happy bellies and happier thoughts still. Thoughts like: I’m happy here… I belong here.

Part of what makes your corporate functions a series of smashing successes is the food. But the question to be asking is: “Who to trust with your premium corporate catering Sydney needs?

You, the ever-reliable admin, juggle a million details to make these bespoke corporate functions sing. But when it comes to catering, well, let’s just say the options can be as exciting as watching a photocopy machine hum its monotonous tune.

Sure, Sydney’s crawling with “caterers,” all promising the moon and the proverbial five-star shrimp. But how do you sift through the BS and find one that actually delivers premium service, not just premium prices?

This blog post, unlike the mass-produced catering Sydney options it critiques, aims to be a slow food movement in disguise. We’ll delve into the essential ingredients for choosing premium corporate catering Sydney services, peeling back the layers to expose hidden costs and red flags. Let’s go!

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Comprehensive Guide to Hiring the Best Corporate Catering Sydney Services

What Is Premium Corporate Catering Sydney?

Within the organisational food system, premium corporate catering Sydney services are in the business of providing bespoke culinary experiences for employees, catering to both daily needs and specific events such as extended meetings or training programmes. The landscape is multifaceted, with dedicated corporate catering Sydney businesses coexisting alongside restaurants that have broadened their scope to include this specialised service.

Brief Overview of Premium Corporate Catering

Tracing the exact origins of premium corporate catering Sydney is tricky. However, there are some key developments that likely fuelled its rise:

Shifting Workplace Culture (Mid-20th Century): As office environments became more competitive and fast-paced in the mid-20th century, companies started offering perks to attract and retain talent. This could have included better break rooms or even catered meals for meetings and corporate events.

Rise of Fine Dining (Late 20th Century): The late 20th century saw a surge in the popularity of fine dining. People became more interested in high-end gourmet food and global cuisines. This likely influenced the catering industry, with some corporate catering companies offering more upscale options for corporate events and corporate functions.

Specialisation and Customisation (Late 20th Century – Present): Corporate catering companies began specialising in specific areas, like premium ingredients, dietary restrictions, and international flavours. This allowed them to cater to the growing demand for unique and bespoke culinary experiences at corporate events.

Today, premium corporate catering has gone far beyond just food to now encompass the entire dining experience, with such factors as food presentation, service staff, and ambience extracting the “extra” from “ordinary.”

The Corporate Catering Process

The premium corporate catering Sydney process is usually fairly simple. You define what you want and when you want it, then choose your Sydney corporate caterer. Everybody’s happy, right? Well, not so fast. It’s not always that simple, especially when your Sydney corporate event is large.

Feeling overwhelmed by the corporate catering process? Get your free Premium Corporate Catering Sydney Checklist to fuel Fortune’s finest. Boardwalk Catering can handle everything from initial consultation to precision-crafted execution. Reach out today and let’s address your needs! (Call 0434 917 069 or email [email protected])

For now, let’s first explore the types of corporate events.

Types of Corporate Events and Corporate Functions

There are many different types of Sydney corporate events and corporate functions, each with its own specific purposes:

Corporate Events

  • Scope: Large scale, often involving external audiences (clients, partners, investors, industry professionals)
  • Focus: External relations, brand building, marketing, or public relations
  • Atmosphere: More formal and elaborate, with a focus on presentation and impression
  • Examples: Trade shows, conferences, product launches, award ceremonies, client appreciation events

Corporate Functions

  • Scope: Smaller scale, primarily for internal audiences (employees, teams)
  • Focus: Internal communication, team building, employee recognition, or training
  • Atmosphere: Can range from formal to casual, depending on the event’s purpose
  • Examples: Meetings, seminars, team-building exercises, holiday parties, company retreats

Why Hiring a Bespoke Caterer for Your Sydney Corporate Event Is Important

To make sure their corporate events defy expectations, most admins place grave importance on two things: who is attending and where they should go. Unfortunately, they always wind up with a major flaw in their plan: Food, for them, is a usually an afterthought.

I’ve lurked in countless online admin communities (think Reddit but with way fewer cat videos and way more complaints about printer jams). Sure, most posts are a glorious rant of “Ugh, my boss wants me to do what?!” and “This company culture is drier than a stale bagel.” But sprinkled amongst the digital venting, there’s always a recurring theme: Food. And how it can either shut the mouths of even the Chandler Bings and the April Ludgates or send it crashing down faster than a server overloaded with expense reports.

Definitely. Food should never be an afterthought. Here are five reasons why:

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#1 Quality Over Quantity

Premium corporate catering Sydney prioritises high-quality, local ingredients. Besides freshness and seasonality, this commitment yields unique taste profiles that satiate, invigorate, and sublimate what catering can be. Just imagine the impact of showcasing premium Sydney seafood or artisan cheeses on your guests. Superior ingredients elevate everything. It’s the difference between airline peanuts and a perfectly seared kangaroo steak – a metaphor for your entire event, really.

#2 Fine Dining Experience

Bespoke corporate catering Sydney services, like Boardwalk Catering, often employ chefs with extensive training and experience. This includes those with prestigious hatted trained qualifications. The culinary artistry these chefs have usually translates into a meticulously crafted fine-dining experience. The last thing you can expect here are stuffy waiters droning on about amuse-bouches – this is fine dining with a relaxed attitude. Think more “blown-away-by-the-food-but-still-comfortable-enough-to-crack-a-joke” kind of vibe.

#3 Beautiful Food Presentations

Alright. So, the lab coats did a study and figured out what any street vendor in Hanoi already knows: people have got to eat with their eyes first. You plop a grey pile of mystery meat on a plate, even the fanciest Michelin-starred chef isn’t going to make it sing. It’s got to look good, has to have that “wow, I’ve got to try that” factor.

I mean think about it. You walk into a dive bar in Singapore and see these glistening slabs of satay sizzling on a skewer, the smoke curling up like a genie’s lamp – you’re practically salivating before it even hits the table. Food presentation is like that red dress hanging in the shop window – it lures you in and makes you think the whole experience is going to be something special.

And let’s be honest, you’re not dropping top dollar for banquet chicken and mystery meat. You deserve better. Your guests deserve better. A well-presented plate says, “Hey, we care about this food, we care about you enjoying it.”

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#4 Innovative Menu Design and Pairing

Premium corporate catering Sydney services don’t just cater; they create. They curate tableaux vivant that far transcends the expected. Innovative flavour pairings are at their heart, as they trigger positive emotions and evoke exclusivity. 

There’s no denying that the corporate world is a space where formality, tradition, and expectedness are sacred. Unexpectedness in business is deemed persona non grata – except when it comes to food. It’s the only occasion where employers and employees can go as wild as their imaginations allow. 

To that end, an innovative corporate caterer can sculpt menus that seamlessly blend tradition with modern twists and therefore leave your guests raving long after that last bite.

There are several factors to consider when selecting the ideal Sydney caterer and corporate menu for your event. This post will help you know how to decide on the right corporate menu for Sydney events.

Want to impress your team with a delicious and on-trend corporate menu? Download your free Premium Corporate Catering Sydney Checklist (with 28 essential questions!) and be sure to ask about the latest culinary creations. Contact Boardwalk Catering today to discuss your vision! (Call 0434 917 069 or email [email protected])

#5 High Safety Standards

Let’s face it, dodgy food can ruin a corporate event faster than you can say “My stomach feels funny.” That’s why, premium corporate catering Sydney companies take food safety seriously! They’re the Gordon Ramseys and the Anne-Sophie Pics of food safety, with cutting-edge technologies and a zero-tolerance policy for shady practices. I’m thinking advanced monitors and storage, meticulous hygiene, and the strictest adherence to health regulations. This way, you can relax knowing your colleagues are safe and can focus on enjoying the good food.

Friend, premium corporate catering Sydney isn’t a luxury, it’s an investment in an experience that will leave guests talking – about the food, not the hangover cure they need the next day.

So, yeah, now you know why you need to invest in premium corporate catering. The question then becomes: How do you hire the best corporate catering Sydney CBD service?

How To Hire the Best Sydney Corporate Catering Service

There are many variables upon which a successful Sydney corporate event hinges. Exceptional corporate catering is a crucial one. Here’s a guide to navigate the catering process and find the best Sydney corporate catering service for your needs:

What Do You Need?

Before you begin searching for a corporate caterer, clearly define your vision for the event. Ask yourself: Is it a formal sit-down dinner or a more casual cocktail party with interactive food stations? Understanding your Sydney event’s style and your desired atmosphere is important. The catering options are endless and starting with a vision will allow you to choose the best caterer for your specific situation.

This also gives you another advantage: One of the first questions your caterer is going to ask you is: What’s your vision for the event? If you don’t have that question figured out yet, there will be a lot of back and forth. That’s valuable time you can spend elsewhere.

Evolving Trends & Preferences:

  • Modern Preferences: the landscape of Sydney corporate catering has undergone a significant shift. Traditional catered meals of yesterday are no more. Today’s focus is on immersive and bespoke culinary experiences that align with the company’s brand and effectively engage attendees. Important things to keep in mind include interactive and experiential dining, global influences, customisation and tailored experiences, presentation and ambience, and finally, the power plate (this “Healthy Menu Options for Healthy Catering Sydney” post can unlock that for you.
  • Influence of global culinary trends on local preferences: The world is a small place these days, and that’s certainly true as far as food is concerned. Global culinary trends are increasingly influencing the local preferences of Sydney. Fortunately enough, this has created a delicious melting pot of flavours in Sydney catering.
  • Personalised Culinary Experiences Vs Set Menus: The concept of bespoke culinary experiences is gaining traction in premium Sydney corporate catering, offering a distinct advantage over traditional set menus. That said, many companies still want the set-menu option. There are pros and cons to each. So as I’ve mentioned before, it all depends on your vision for the corporate event. Some admins opt for the traditional approach due to its efficiency and cost-effectiveness; others choose the personalised approach because of the increased engagement, brand alignment, and the sense of exclusivity.

Prioritising Impact: Budgeting for a Premium Sydney Corporate Catering Experience

Securing a premium caterer for Sydney corporate functions isn’t simply about finding a fancy food truck. It’s about crafting a strategic investment that reflects your brand image and fosters engagement.

Yes, premium catering experiences come with a premium price tag. But consider this: successful corporate events go beyond the bottom line. They’re about building relationships, solidifying partnerships, and demonstrating your company’s commitment to excellence.

Here’s a roadmap to effectively budget for a premium corporate caterer in Sydney:

  • Embrace Transparency with Premium Sydney Corporate Catering Companies: Transparency is key. Be upfront about your budget during initial conversations with potential caterers. Reputable companies will work collaboratively with you to design a menu that delivers the desired impact within your financial constraints.
  • Understanding Cost Structures: Premium corporate caterers offer a variety of options beyond the single, all-inclusive price tag. Explore options like:
    • Tiered Menus: Many caterers offer tiered menus with varying price points based on the complexity and ingredients of the dishes.
    • Live Stations vs. Plated Meals: Live cooking stations can improve upon the ambience but might require a higher budget compared to plated meals.
  • Hidden Costs & Value Adds: Discuss all potential costs upfront. This might include service charges, staffing for live stations, or rentals for specific equipment. However, premium corporate catering Sydney services often offer value-added services like menu consultations, venue coordination, and event planning assistance, which can ultimately save time and resources.
  • Beyond Google: Exploring Reputable Sources: While online searches can be a starting point (i.e., “best corporate catering near me” or “premium corporate caterer Sydney CBD”), consider seeking referrals from trusted partners or industry publications. Reputable caterers may not always have the flashiest online presence, but their proven track record and industry connections can be invaluable.

Take the guesswork out of Sydney corporate catering. Get your free checklist (28 questions to ask any caterer) and see how Boardwalk Catering delivers premium experiences with fully transparent pricing. Contact us today! (Call 0434 917 069 or email [email protected])

Vet Your Premium Corporate Caterers with Meaningful Questions 

We’re finally here. Hopefully, you’ve got a chance to understand Sydney corporate catering, why it matters, and what to do next. 

This chapter unlocks what to ask your caterer when you’re sitting at the table. Since with all the options out there, how do you land the perfect fit? Here are 10 essential questions to ask that cut through the fluff and ensure a truly impactful meeting:

  1. Do you source your ingredients locally from farmers’ markets?
  2. Canapés, buffets, plated dinners, or something more interactive? Discuss the menu options and explore what best suits your event’s style and vibe.
  3. Can you create a themed presentation for the food? Think beyond plates – how can the visuals enhance the overall experience?
  4. What sets your “fine dining experience” apart? It’s not just fancy plates – it’s attentive service and top-notch bespoke culinary experiences and skills.
  5. How long have you been a premium corporate caterer (Sydney CBD)? 
  6. Walk me through the entire catering process. From initial consultation to post-event feedback, understanding the steps ensures a smooth experience.
  7. Can you accommodate last-minute changes or unique requests? An expert corporate caterer is adaptable and can handle unexpected twists with ease.
  8. How do you handle special requests and dietary needs? A premium corporate caterer Sydney makes sure everyone can enjoy a bespoke culinary experience for everybody.
  9. Do you have public liability insurance? This is crucial to protect yourself and your company in case of any unforeseen incidents.
  10. Do you have a cancellation policy? Understanding their cancellation policy ensures clarity and protects your investment in case of unexpected circumstances.

Bonus question

Do you offer tastings? Are they complementary? How many people can I bring? Tastings allow you to experience the quality of the food firsthand. Ask if tastings are complimentary and how many guests you can bring to guarantee a representative sampling.

Event Styles

As an admin, crafting a successful corporate event in Sydney CBD requires a keen understanding of your attendees and a touch of creative flair. Here, we explore 5 distinct event styles that will make corporate functions stand out – all perfectly suited to Sydney’s diverse and premium venues.

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Want to dive more into the world of corporate venues? Check out “Five Killer Tips to Choose the Best Corporate Venue for Your Sydney Event.” Hit us up if you want more information – we love a good chat! And guess what? We’ve got a sweet Sydney corporate catering checklist with 28 questions to vet your corporate caterer Sydney. It’s on the house!

  1. Harbourside Grandeur: Classic Elegance Redefined
  • Ideal Venues: Classic Throttle Shop (waterfront location), Luxury Hotels (harbour views)

These are settings steeped in sophistication. I’m thinking guests mingling on a Sydney waterfront terrace at the Classic Throttle Shop, enjoying panoramic harbour views. This elegant event style incorporates:

  • Luxurious décor: Think crisp white linens, polished silverware, and floral arrangements that complement the harbour theme.
  • Fine dining experience: Premium corporate catering Sydney with a focus on fresh, seasonal ingredients. Delectable canapés or a multi-course plated dinner served by attentive wait staff create true fine dining.
  • Live entertainment: A string quartet or jazz ensemble adds a touch of sophistication and ambience.
  1. Superyacht Soiree: Fabulous Experiential Luxury
  • Ideal Venues: Superyachts

For a stellar experience, consider hosting your corporate events on a luxurious superyacht. This style is all about:

  • Breath-taking Sydney Harbour as your backdrop: Glide past iconic landmarks as attendees enjoy unparalleled views.
  • Upscale culinary journey: Partner with a premium corporate caterer to curate a bespoke menu featuring high-end gourmet dishes and impeccable food presentation.
  • Interactive entertainment: Live music, magicians, or even onboard games create an entertaining experience for those attending the event.
  1. Modern Art Deco Soiree: Timeless Sophistication with a Twist
  • Ideal Venues: Hotels with Art Deco architecture

Embrace the glamour of the Art Deco era in a Sydney hotel with a rich architectural heritage. This style evokes:

  • Themed décor: Geometric patterns, metallic accents, and vintage-inspired furniture that complement the venue’s architecture.
  • Art Deco-inspired menus: A signature corporate menu featuring classic recipes with a modern twist adds a touch of playful sophistication.
  • Live jazz or blues performance: Transport guests to another era with live music that reflects the Art Deco spirit.
  1. Global Gala: A Celebration of Diversity and Culture
  • Ideal Venues: Hotels with grand ballrooms

Celebrate your company’s global reach with a vibrant global-themed event. This style features:

  • International culinary stations: Partner with premium corporate caterers who specialise in diverse cuisines.
  • Cultural entertainment: Live music or dance performances that showcase different cultures add a touch of authenticity and vibrancy.
  • Themed décor: Utilise global motifs and colours in the décor to create an immersive and visually stunning atmosphere.
  1. Innovation Unveiled: A High-Tech Extravaganza
  • Ideal Venues: Hotels with modern conference rooms

For a forward-thinking company, embrace the spirit of innovation with a high-tech-themed event. This style incorporates:

  • Interactive technology: Virtual Reality experiences, holographic displays, or interactive installations related to your company’s field
  • Modern décor: Sleek lines, futuristic lighting, and minimalist design elements create a cutting-edge feel
  • Innovative food presentation: Consider molecular gastronomy or other creative culinary techniques to further the high-tech theme


These are just a starting point – the key is to tailor the style to your specific brand, event goals, and target audience. By working with experienced event professionals, you can transform Sydney corporate functions into experiences with impact.

Sydney Corporate Venues

Mate, you’re an admin in Sydney, fresh-faced and eager to impress your higher-ups with a corporate event that screams “sophistication” without feeling like a stuffy boardroom. But where do you even begin? You can do without the cookie-cutter convention centres. Sydney’s a city with grit, with harbour views that could sell snake oil, and enough history to choke a history buff.

The Venue’s Impact on Premium Sydney Corporate Catering and Atmosphere

Selecting the perfect corporate venue is a crucial step in crafting a successful Sydney corporate event. This goes beyond simply providing a place for your attendees to gather; the venue significantly impacts two key aspects of your event:

  • Catering and Culinary Experience: The venue’s infrastructure and layout play a vital role in shaping your Sydney catering options. A hotel ballroom with a dedicated kitchen allows for a luxurious plated dinner, while a rooftop terrace might be better suited for more casual, interactive food stations.
  • Overall Event Atmosphere: The venue’s architecture, theme, and ambience set the tone for the event. An industrial chick hotel will create a distinctly different atmosphere than a waterfront restaurant. Selecting a venue that aligns with your chosen event style and brand image is critical for crafting cohesion and impact.

Popular Corporate Venues Sydney

Sydney boasts a diverse range of venues perfect for hosting high-end corporate functions. Here we explore two categories to help you find the ideal setting:

#1 Corporate Event Venues

  •  Luxury Hotels: Sydney’s iconic hotels like the Four Seasons or Shangri-La offer grand ballrooms, state-of-the-art meeting rooms, and stunning rooftop terraces, perfect for conferences, product launches, and gala dinners.
  • Exhibition Centres: For large-scale events like trade shows or industry conferences, venues like the International Convention Centre Sydney provide expansive exhibition halls, auditoriums, and breakout rooms.
  • Historic Buildings: Sydney’s rich history is reflected in its heritage-listed buildings. Venues, like the Sydney Town Hall or Parliament House, offer a prestigious setting for corporate events.

#2 Corporate Function Venues

These venues cater to smaller, more intimate corporate gatherings:

  • Unique Venues: To have one of those experiences that you simply cannot get off your head, consider unique Sydney venues such as the Classic Throttle Shop (waterfront location) with its industrial-chic charm, or a private yacht charter for an exclusive harbourside soiree.
  • Upscale Events on Sydney’s Yachts: Host your event aboard a luxurious yacht, gliding past iconic landmarks like the Opera House and Harbour Bridge. Organisations like Bayview Yacht Racing ASSN. or AQA Sydney offer state-of-the-art vessels with impeccable service and premium corporate catering Sydney options.
  • Rooftop Venues: Soak in Sydney’s breathtaking skyline at trendy rooftop venues. These spaces offer an ideal setting for networking receptions or smaller product launches.

Food Safety Guidelines: Priorities for Premium Sydney Catering

In the high-stakes world of Sydney corporate events, the canapes better not come with a side of salmonella. Companies are shelling out serious cash and the well-being of their attendees isn’t, and must never be, an afterthought. Savvy Sydney catering companies understand this, and they don’t take food safety lightly. It’s more than just following the rules, it’s about a holistic approach that keeps the finger food finger-licking good, not finger-pointing bad.

From Farm to Fork, Safety Takes the Wheel:

Premium corporate caterers Sydney source their ingredients like a farmer’s market on wheels, opting for reputable suppliers who prioritise safety from the ground up. In other words, locally-grown produce that hasn’t travelled halfway across the globe, and ethically-raised meats and seafood from trusted farms and distributors.

HACCP: The Watchdog of Food Safety:

Ever heard of HACCP? No, it’s not a new fitness craze. It’s a system that acts like a food safety watchdog, sniffing out potential hazards at every stage of the culinary journey – from prep to plate. Premium corporate caterers use this system to identify weak spots and implement control measures to keep those hazards at bay.

Temperature Control:

Food safety is all about temperature control. This involves calibrated thermometers as their secret weapon. Cold food stays below 5°C, hot food simmers above 60°C, and insulated containers become their chariot as they transport the culinary delights to Sydney events.

Hygiene and Sanitation

Premium Sydney catering services place a premium on employee hygiene, such as thorough handwashing, food handling processes, and the use of sanitised equipment and surfaces.

Catering to Every Body (Literally):

It’s important to meet unique dietary needs and preferences. Staff training, proper labelling, and distinct preparation spaces all help to prevent cross-contamination.

Transparency: The Secret Sauce of Trust:

Open communication is the secret sauce that builds trust. Premium caterers don’t shy away from sharing their food safety procedures and ingredient sources. In fact, they wear it as a badge of honour. No transparency? No go in the world of premium Sydney corporate catering.

Sydney’s Sunny Side Up (But Food Safety Stays Cool):

Sydney’s warm climate throws another curveball. Extra vigilance with temperature control becomes even more crucial, especially for those swanky outdoor soirees. A premium corporate caterer doesn’t let a little sunshine disrupt the food safety game.

Above and Beyond the Rules:

Sure, NSW Food Authority regulations outline the food safety requirements for corporate catering Sydney. But the best Sydney caterers don’t just meet the bar, they raise it. They strive for the highest standards in order to guarantee your next corporate event is a culinary triumph, not a gastrointestinal disaster.

Boardwalk Catering: The Best Premium Corporate Caterer (Sydney CBD)

Quality Catering in Sydney, Why Boardwalk Is One of The Best” uncovers the magic recipe for its success in one of the most competitive scenes out there. Our beautiful city is full of corporate catering companies and you’ve got to know how to pick out the pretenders. Hopefully, you now have all you need to choose the best one for your specific situation.

premium corporate catering; sydney catering; sydney events; corporate menus; Tim Darton

The goal is to ask as many questions as possible. Boardwalk Catering welcomes any queries you may have. Beyond transparency, these are the reasons why you should consider us:


  • Customised Corporate Menus: Boardwalk Catering offers more than just set meals. Our private chefs curate bespoke corporate menus tailored to your event’s idea. And to do that…
  • Vision alignment: Tim, Alli, and the staff attentively listen to you as you explain your idea for the corporate event. Then they collaborate with you to create the most seamless fine dining experience possible.
  • Bespoke celebrations: Boardwalk Catering does not take shortcuts or utilise cookie-cutter tactics. We adore cookies. We adore chopping. But a cookie-cutter menu? Absolutely not.

Quality and Culinary Flair

  • Gold Licence Certification guarantees the greatest safety requirements. If you visited our website and read Boardwalk Catering reviews, you’ve undoubtedly discovered that we don’t make light of food safety issues. For more information about Gold Licence Catering Accreditation, see their website.
  • Ingredient Integrity: Every dish our private chefs craft must be made out of ingredients that are fresh, seasonal, and provenance-proud.
  • High-end Gourmet: Food is only good if your eyes approve of it first; in this regard, beautiful food presentation is not only cherished but also necessary. Allow Boardwalk Catering to amaze your attendees with delectable masterpieces that are elegantly presented and carefully curated. We warm stomachs, pleasure senses, pop eyes, and cause lips to shout “My God!”
  • Diverse Palates: Today, tastes, and dietary preferences, are not the same – and thank God for that. We will sit down with you and discuss your attendees’ preferences, needs, and any allergies they may have.

Stress-Free Elegance

  • Experience & Expertise: Because we want to make sure that your bespoke culinary experience is smooth and flawless, our skilled staff handles everything from setup to clean-up (even when you don’t ask us to).
  • Attention to Detail: Every Boardwalk Catering member is a perfectionist. That’s just how we’re wired.
  • Network of partners: Working with Boardwalk Catering grants you exclusive access to our carefully chosen network of stylists, event planners, and vendors. Call us at 0434 917 069 or email us at [email protected]  for more information.

Sydney Savvy

  • Local Know-how: Born and raised in Sydney, we’ve got extensive experience as premium corporate caterers. That is why Boardwalk Catering can easily navigate the city’s exclusive venues and providers.
  • Venue Versatility: Boardwalk Catering can accommodate your preferred venue, regardless of size: Intimate or loud, small or large.

Parting Thoughts

Olafur Eliasson’s Ice Watch, twelve giant blocks of ice transforming into something else. That, my friend, is the corporate catering Sydney scene in a nutshell. Food comes, food goes – a fleeting parade of scrumptious buffets and magical quiches. Food comes, yes. Food goes, of course. But memories, those golden nuggets of “damn, that was good” and “I’m so glad I’m here” – those, my friend, those are the things we hold onto.

Let Boardwalk Catering be your 10-year-old magic wand that curates bewitching culinary experiences. Call us at 0434 917 069 or email us at [email protected] and claim a free checklist with 28 questions for a stress-free high-end experience.