Why Canape Catering Is The Best Choice For Corporate Events

When organising a corporate event or private dinner function, the event planners may face several decisions in their event planning process. Factors such as the venue, the guest list, the catering, and any entertainment all need to be carefully considered in light of the event’s scope and the guests’ preferences. Undoubtedly, one of the most significant factors, some might say the most significant, is the selection of the menu items and the type of food service. This is where canape catering excells.

Some of these decisions include:

  • Hot and/or cold food options
  • entrees, mains and desserts
  • Beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic
  • Meals served plated or buffet-style 
  • Allergies or dietary restrictions
  • Time of day and allotted time for the meal

While some of these factors play a role in some of these choices, canapé catering during the reception or cocktail hour remains one of the most efficient approaches that could please both the event’s organiser and the guests alike.

So, why is canapé catering the best choice for corporate events?

Read on.

5 reasons why canape catering is the best choice for corporate events

#1 Flexibility

For a long time, fine dining was all lobster and “Would sir like to see the cork?” While plenty of shellfish and elegant crockery still remain at the high end of eating out, the most exciting corporate caterers, like Boardwalk, now prioritise innovation and technique over tired formalities and simply sourcing the very best of ingredients.

What’s so special about canape catering is the warmth factor. The ambience and theme of your event can be set with a variety of hot and cold canapes, depending on the season, the venue, and the preferences of your guests. Canapes can be served hot in the winter (think tiny pies, quiches, or skewers) or cold (think sushi, salads, or fruit). Canapés, both hot and cold, can be combined to make a well-rounded meal that guests will enjoy.

#2 Variety

Not everyone can eat the same things, and a professional catering service knows this better than anyone. When sending out invitations, you may include a line asking guests to let you know if they have any dietary requirements or intolerances so that you can discuss them with your caterer in Sydney.

Canape catering is well-equipped to accommodate multiple dietary restrictions and preferences, such as those who are vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, or halal. The goal is for your guests to indulge in a meaningful culinary experience.

From classic cheese platters and sandwiches to more adventurous fare like dim sum, tapas, and mezze, Boardwalk can take advantage of canape catering to fit everyone’s taste and your budget.

Plus, canapes can be customised to fit your brand’s identity or the event’s theme by using the brand’s colours, seasonal or regional ingredients, and so on.

#3 Sustain “Tide Over” appetites

To “tide over” guests’ hunger until the main course is ready, consider providing small refreshments – should your event take place in the middle of the day or will last for several hours.

Canapes do this job admirably, being both light enough to not ruin the appetite and hearty enough to stave off hunger. Canapés can be offered at any point during the event, whether as an introduction, a refreshment during the main course, or as a parting gift to guests. This way, you can keep your them satisfied and fed throughout your corporate event.

#4 late arrivals accommodation

Serving can be spaced out with canape catering to account for guests who are running late. Some guests may come late; others may leave early – especially if your event has an open or flexible timetable. Resorting to canape catering will shield you from missing out on serving guests their meals or wasting food that is left over.

#5 Socialising

Finally, canape catering paves the way for an environment where guests can be comfortable enough to engage in conversations and hopefully make the corporate event more dynamic. 

This way, guests have more freedom to explore the venue and socialise with one another than do traditional meal options like sit-down dinners or buffets. Canapes are small enough to eat with one hand while you network with the other. They also urge guests to taste different cuisines and express their ideas and feedback. 

Why choose Boardwalk Catering for your corporate event?

Choosing the right event catering service is crucial for the success of the canape segment of your corporate event. When a corporate catering provider drops the ball, or more literally, the platters, it can spell disaster for the event and inflict severe damage to your reputation.

Many businesses rely on Boardwalk Catering for expert and professional reception and catering services, including catering for finger foods and canapes. Our mission is to satisfy all clients and their guests with a superb blend of flavours and spices, presented on time and expertly by staff who are aware of the importance of reflecting positively on the event and on the event organisers through the cuisine they serve.

When it comes to catering for corporate events, Boardwalk Catering can handle everything from pre-party preparations to post-event clean-up, so hosts and guests can relax and have fun.

Catered canapes that will impress your guests and have them coming back for more

Boardwalk Catering’s cocktail reception menus feature canapes that are prepared with the care and attention necessary to satisfy guests of all palates. A vast range of menu options and customisation settings are available, including but not limited to:

  • Both warm and cool dishes
  • The World’s Best Foods
  • Optional meatless menu items
  • Foodstuffs: Land and Sea
  • Cheeses, fruit, and baked goods
  • Sauces, condiments, and more, including mild, sweet, and spicy options

If you would like some help deciding which menu items would be best, a menu consultant from Boardwalk Catering would be pleased to make suggestions based on the nature of the corporate event and the preferences of the guests.

Please call contact Boardwalk Catering at 0434 917 069 or email us if you would like more details on our cocktail and canape catering services.