Why home catering for events is the new restaurant

There’s nothing more fulfilling than a well-planned and executed party, but the work that comes with it can be as taxing as climbing a steep mountain with no end in sight. You’ve got to find the right venue, plan for the right entertainment, and make arrangements for the best part of any good party – good food.

Sometimes, hiring a premium catering company to create the best menu for your private party can be well worth it. Birthday parties, family reunions, bridal showers, baby showers, cultural rites of passage, retirement parties, engagement celebrations, meet-the-parents parties, and holiday festivities are all events that a professional Sydney caterer can handle with captivating flow and smooth professionalism. 

Here’s why home catering for events is the new restaurant

The difference between restaurant catering and a home catering service

When it comes to catering, you have two options: ordering from a restaurant or hiring a home caterer (also known as a private caterer).

  • Restaurant catering refers to food and service offered by restaurants at an off-site location. The restaurant’s menu serves as the basis for the dishes that are produced and cooked there. The catering service then brings the meals to the event site.
  • Home catering services are full-service businesses that help event hosts in all aspects of food preparation and presentation. Along with their staff, home caterers will show up to your private party to set up, cook the food, serve the guests, and clean up afterwards.

5 reasons why home catering for events is the new restaurant

Menu customisation

Menu hacking (or menu customisation) is when a customer asks for unique customisation to their meal. Food allergies, personal choice, or the desire to experiment with a novel flavour combination are just a few of the many scenarios that can lead someone to order from a “Build Your Own” menu.

People with dietary restrictions or food allergies deserve to know what they’re being served. That’s why premium catering companies like Boardwalk do everything in their power to consider guests who have allergies when preparing a menu. That way they can replace certain elements to ensure the food is safe for these guests.

Custom menus are essential for these situations as they provide solutions without the added expense or stress. 

Quality and quantity of food

Experts in their field, Sydney home caterers know food inside and out. However, hiring the best outside catering service is a major task that will require extensive research on your behalf. When you have control over the caterer you hire, you will most certainly avoid any unwelcome surprises in terms of food quality on the day of your home event – provided you do your homework, of course.

Some venues that provide multiple services may not be able to give the same high-quality menus as a caterer can since food is not as significant as the rest of their services. 

Saving time and hassle

Planning the meal, shopping for ingredients, handling setup, serving, and cleanup… for the right person, it can be fun, but it can also be a real hassle. So, how about outsourcing those tasks and more to Boardwalk Catering? A menu so rich guests will want to swallow whole and so diverse you’ll start drooling before you’ll even get a chance to take a bite. “A cornucopia of culinary delights” could also describe the menu, a sprawling carte of more than 100 dishes, sorted by canape, buffet, plated, platters, and more. 

If one of your guests can’t find a dish they want to eat here, there’s a fair chance they just don’t like food.

In any case, you don’t just get great food – you get time. Instead of wandering the aisles in search of seasonings, you’ve got time to find the perfect decorations. Instead of offering refills, you’re mingling and enjoying yourself! And instead of worrying about dishes, you can wave goodbye to your guests, kick back, and relax.

Intimate and personal atmosphere

The thought of gathering friends and loved ones in the comfort of your own home, sharing delicious food, and creating lasting memories is simply divine. The beauty of home catering lies in the personalised touch that it brings to any event. Unlike fancy restaurants, you have complete control over the ambience and decor, which, in turn, allows for a unique and welcoming atmosphere that makes a statement.

Amid all the delectable dishes and happy vibes, guests can truly let their guard down and feel at ease. Expect engagement, joy, and laughter spilled all over the party.


There are times when DIY really is the cheaper option. This is not one of those times. Unless you have experience with meal and event planning, it can be difficult to effectively execute large-scale food service. With access to wholesale vendors and familiarity with portion estimates, a professional home caterer can save you a ton of money on food expenses. Why? Well, for one, you won’t pay retail prices for ingredients, and you won’t have to worry about purchasing too many portions that might never get eaten. What’s even better, a caterer can break down your price per person – which would make it super easy to stay on top of your budget (while also minimising your carbon footprint).

Parting thoughts

Good food should be the crux of every great party. As people share and enjoy the same fantastic cuisine, the food often becomes a point of conversation. Catering services will deliver a remarkable culinary element to your event thanks to its flexibility, food quality, efficiency, and the vibe of it all. 

Boardwalk Catering provides exceptional menus that cater to your guests’ dietary restrictions, high-quality food, personalised service, and cost-effective options. With over 100 dishes to choose from, there’s a wide variety of options that will suit the needs of any home event to make for an experience of memorable bliss. We are truly experts in home catering in Sydney.