5 Reasons why Corporate Buffet Catering Is a Popular Corporate Catering Sydney Choice

For the amazing executive assistants out there, corporate buffet catering in Sydney is awesome. Below are five eye-opening reasons why that is and how come this old-as-time corporate catering style is still popular to this day.

Sydney corporate events can be a hassle to host. The more mouths you have to feed, the stronger the headaches. Because everything boils down to the culinary experience,  the food has to either meet or exceed  the guests’ expectations. Otherwise,  it won’t only reflect poorly on you, but also on your organisation. 

That’s why, if you want everything to run smoothly, you’ve got to hire an experienced corporate buffet catering Sydney company that knows their stuff. But the question to be asking is: What kind of corporate catering Sydney service is going to be the best fit for your corporate event? Enters corporate buffet catering

If you’re curious about your corporate buffet catering options, be sure to explore our mouth-watering corporate catering menus or contact us for more information.

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What are the different types of corporate buffet catering?

There’s a smorgasbord of options to choose from as far as corporate buffet catering is concerned – here are five:

  1. Classic Buffet: This is where it all began – a spread of delectable dishes set up on a long table, allowing guests to help themselves. From savoury mains to scrumptious sides, a classic buffet is ideal for those bold enough to explore different flavours and create their own plate masterpiece.
  2. Station Buffet: A variety of food stations, each dedicated to a particular cuisine or dish, are spread out over the venue in this type of corporate buffet catering option. There could be other specialised stations, such as those for carving meat, making pasta, and serving seafood. This provides your corporate function team with an opportunity to personalise their food and adds a fun, participatory element.
  3. Breakfast Buffet: This corporate buffet catering style, as the name implies, is specifically developed for corporate breakfast events. It usually includes cereals, pastries, bread, mini quiches, yoghurt cups, fruit, and hot foods like egg and bacon rolls.
  4. Dessert Buffet: The dessert Buffet is is corporate buffet catering choice ideal for guests with a sweet tooth, as it includes a range of cakes, pastries, and other desserts. We even own a chocolate fountain!
  5. Cocktail Buffet: This is a popular choice for corporate events and cocktail parties, as it includes small bites and finger foods such as canapés, mini sandwiches, and cheese platters.

Boardwalk Catering guarantees a dining experience that will please every palate, no matter what type of  corporate buffet catering you choose. With our expertise in all things buffet, we’ll help you create a memorable Sydney corporate event that will have your guests talking long after it’s over.

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5 Reasons Why Corporate Buffet Catering Is a Popular Choice for Corporate Events:


Corporate buffet catering provides versatility and flexibility, letting everyone pick and select what they want to eat while also allowing them to socialise more easily. A buffet’s less formal setting stimulates talks and connections, making it excellent for catching up with old acquaintances and meeting new ones. Furthermore, it may be far less expensive than organising a sit-down meal for a large number of guests! There’s something for everyone at the buffet table, from vegetarian options to traditional foods, so it can be a really social event.

Call us at 0434 917 069 or send an email to [email protected] to discuss head count and come with an effective strategy for best results. Not ready to make the jump just yet? No worries. We have a list of 30 questions to ask corporate caterers Sydney and make an informed decision—with a free checklist.

dietary restriction accommodation

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, approximately 7% of Australians avoided specific foods for cultural, religious, or ethical reasons. It is critical that a company understands and respects that a dietary restriction is more than just a “preference.” In some circumstances, it is a medical necessity, and so every precaution should be made to protect the safety and well-being of your guests. This is as critical to us at Boardwalk Catering as proper food handling practices. Regardless of the corporate menu you select or the dietary requirements of your guests, considering cross-contamination, plate/dish markings, and well-informed staff and guests is of great significance.


Corporate buffet catering is usually a less expensive alternative to plated meals. With plated dinners, each item must be made and served separately, which involves more staff and can raise costs, whereas buffet-style corporate catering Sydney only requires staff to set up and manage the buffet, resulting in substantial cost reductions, especially when considering chef costs.

Speaking of which, if you’d like a detailed post on Boardwalk Catering menus and prices, this blog post gets into that in great detail.


Because guests may eat at their own pace and to their hearts’ content, corporate buffet catering is a practical option for many corporate functions and corporate events. It removes the need for servers to plate and serve each guest individually, thereby reducing expenses and time. 

Food presentation

Regardless of the type of event, beautiful food presentation is critical. Professional corporate catering Sydney experts use their presentation skills to make the food look as appetising as possible. Good presentation not only makes your food more attractive, but it also makes it easier for your guests to find and choose the meal they want.

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Parting thoughts

While there is no single right way to cater to a successful corporate event, corporate buffet catering remains one of the wisest options to consider. From versatility to food presentation, there are many reasons why corporate buffet catering is a popular corporate catering Sydney choice. However, it’s still a smart move to first know your different corporate caterer Sydney options and then make an informed decision.

At Boardwalk Catering, our corporate caterers strive to help you plan and carry out a successful corporate event that will be remembered for its delicious food and stellar service. There is no need to stress about approaching other guests, forming new relationships, or making an impression; we’ve got you covered. Call us at 0434 917 069 or send an email to [email protected] today and claim your free corporate catering Sydney checklist with eye-opening 30 questions.

If you’d like to see our corporate menus and prices, read the following blog post.