If you like to keep your finger on the pulse of what’s hot in the food world, you’re in good company. At Boardwalk Catering, we love being on top of food trends when it comes to what we’re eating, where, and the why behind it all.

Being fortunate enough to have created hundreds if not thousands of exceptional dining experiences across Sydney, we’ve gained some valuable insights into what foods people like and what foods they don’t. As we kick off 2024, we’re delighted to bid farewell to certain food trends that are no longer favoured and are more than thrilled to embrace these top food trends in Australia.

What are the latest food trends in Australia?

Australia has always been a cultural melting pot, embracing diverse cuisines from around the world. This openness to new flavours and experiences is what defines the food trends of 2024, driven by a greater appreciation of the origin and presentation of our meals (If you like, you could read more about the importance of presentation in corporate catering here). 

Get ready to satisfy your cravings as we explore the top Australian food trends this year.

Alcohol-Free Drinks: Discovering Booze Without the Buzz

Have you noticed the growing selection of alcohol-free drinks in the aisles of supermarkets like Woolies or Coles? What may seem like beers, spirits, and pre-mixed cocktails at first glance are actually alcohol-free alternatives

The surge in popularity of these alcohol-free beverages has skyrocketed. Just a few years ago, one could spot a handful of zero- or low-alcohol beer choices at Uncle Dan’s (or Dan Murphy’s). However, in response to the evolving consumer demands, our leading purveyor of celebratory libations now proudly presents a dedicated 0% range.

Luckily, Sans Drinks, Australia’s first non-alcoholic drinks superstore, offers an abundance of choices, including alcohol-free beer, wine, pre-mixes, and spirits.

The evolving demand for booze-free beverages has inspired craft producers to step up their game. So whether you’re observing Dry July, Sober September, embracing a sober lifestyle, or simply yearning for social interactions free from traditional libations, the time has come to explore the interesting booze-free beverage lifestyle as one of the hottest food trends in 2024.

Fusion food: the art of culinary harmony

“Fusion dining” might raise some eyebrows, as it can easily cross the line between originality and gimmickry. However, when done right, blending two culinary traditions can create a harmonious balance that couldn’t have been achieved otherwise.

By combining the best elements from two cuisines, such as flavour profiles and cooking techniques, Sydney chefs can impress even the most seasoned foodies. 

Classic examples of successful fusion cuisines include Tex-Mex, which gave us the beloved nachos, and French-Vietnamese, where the introduction of baguettes and pate enriched the cuisine of Vietnam during France’s occupation

Currently, Nikkei cuisine, a fusion of Japanese and Peruvian flavours, is making waves in Australia. Originating from the Japanese emigration to Latin America in the 1920s, this fusion has gained global recognition in recent years, with Japanese-Peruvian chefs leading the charge.

Sure, stick kimchi in a burrito and call it gourmet. Fusion’s the culinary Tinder of our times, swiping left on tradition, right on novelty. Us? We’re still trying to figure out how to use chopsticks without looking like toddlers. Nah, just kidding.

Dining In: The New dining out food trend

Here’s an insider tip: bringing the restaurant experience to your own home is one of the latest food trends of 2024. Dinner parties have made a remarkable comeback, with a 34% increase in popularity at the end of 2022, as reported by News Corp

At Boardwalk Catering, we believe that hiring a caterer to cook food should be accessible to everyone, and it seems that more people are getting into it. The personalised, intimate, and interactive experience of having a private catering company make your food in your own home is truly unbeatable. 

But why has in-home dining become so popular? During the peak years of the pandemic, we became accustomed to eating at home. Restaurants and party caterers started offering takeaway options, and many of us upgraded our kitchens, igniting a desire to put them to good use. 

One of the silver linings of the pandemic is the rediscovery of the perks of entertaining at home: no time limits, the freedom to bring your own beverage, no worries about rushing back for the babysitter, and no need for transportation or parking fees. 

You can now enjoy your meal at your own pace, savour as much as you like, and create a lively atmosphere that suits your preferences and comfort.

Local or Native Ingredients: Connecting with the land

The awareness and popularity of “bush tucker” ingredients, which have been used by Indigenous Australians for thousands of years, continue to rise. MasterChef Australia played a significant role in showcasing native ingredients, particularly during the 2022 season when contestants explored Indigenous cuisine in the Northern Territory. 

Jock Zonfrillo, a MasterChef judge, has long advocated for the education and utilisation of native ingredients. He has worked closely with Indigenous elders to understand these ingredients and prominently featured them at his Adelaide restaurant, Orana (which unfortunately closed in 2020 due to the pandemic). 

If you wish to add native ingredients to your cooking but don’t know where to start, herbs and spices are a great introduction. Dried lemon myrtle leaves, for instance, are readily available and make a beautiful substitute for bay leaves. Try adding them to your next marinade for a chicken dish, or experiment by infusing them into your tea for a unique twist.

Boardwalk catering: The perfect way to experience food trends

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When it comes to embracing the latest food trends in Australia, Boardwalk Catering knows how to serve up the perfect culinary experience for you and your guests. Our team is always on the cutting edge – ready to make sure your palate is in synch with the hottest flavours of 2024.

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Contact us today to speak with our reliable staff about arranging a memorable dining experience for you in 2024 – whether you’re eager to try some of these food trends or prefer to stick to what you know and love.