Summer Wedding Trends for 2024

September 23, 2024, is the most popular wedding date, reports The Knot. If you wish to say “I do” in October, however, you’ve landed the most popular wedding month of 2024. The summer of 2024 will host 65% of all weddings this year! With some fresh and intriguing summer wedding trends emerging for 2024, weddings may look a bit different. The most recent and prominent trend: colours, colours, and then more colours.

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8 Fresh and Intriguing Summer Wedding Trends in 2024


Colours are back in style for summer wedding trends in 2024. Wherever you look, wherever you go, weddings will be bright and loud – decorations, flowers, bridesmaid dresses, and even wedding menus. Wedding stylists and expert wedding caterers encourage brides to be bold in their choices, all while remaining classy and fun. Wherever you go, ceremonies and wedding receptions will be decked out in vibrant shades of pink, orange, and yellow paired with complementary flowers in hues of pink, purple, and red.

Statement Aisles

A statement aisle is a summer wedding trend that’s fun and unique for a bespoke wedding. It’s something guests haven’t seen before, and they’re not likely to forget it anytime soon! Fashion runways, interior design trends, and even nature are showering Sydney couples with aisle inspiration. Experts think this is one of the best summer wedding trends that’s worth looking into if you want to make your wedding ceremony truly unique.

Big Weddings

COVID has been quite the “inconvenience” for couples, but in 2024, thankfully, big weddings are making a comeback. People are more eager to travel longer distances and meet in large groups to attend the wedding of a dear relative or friend.

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summer wedding catering trends 2024 sydney

Retro Wedding Cakes

To match the growing popularity of brightly-coloured weddings, spectacular retro-inspired cakes are making waves in the summer wedding trends of 2024. It’s yet another one-of-a-kind detail that Sydney couples may add to make their wedding stand out. Pick a decade as your inspiration and start creating something you both enjoy.

Convertible Wedding Gowns

Many brides dream of a flowy and dramatic dress for the wedding ceremony yet desire comfort and freedom to dance and move at the wedding reception. In the past, brides were limited to choosing one or the other due to budget constraints. However, the latest summer wedding trend (2024) offers a solution: convertible wedding dresses—two dresses in one! Lightweight options are now available, featuring sleek and form-fitting designs with detachable skirts or capes that cover the shoulders. This allows for an easy transition from the ceremony to the wedding reception without the need for changing outfits.

Over-the-Top Décor

In harmony with the vibrant colour themes and summer wedding trends, we’re witnessing a slew of elaborate, eye-catching table decorations. Minimalism took a step back, and maximalism is in the spotlight! With the rising popularity of all things bright and attention-grabbing, Sydney couples have endless possibilities to personalise the look and ambience of their wedding decorations.

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Disposable Camera 

Disposable cameras are also one of the hottest summer wedding trends in 2024. Most weddings used to have disposable cameras on each table, but with the introduction of digital cameras and the fantastic photos smartphones can take, the disposables were phased out. However, as the demand for blurry flash photos grows, disposable cameras are making a comeback at weddings. The good news is that they’re reasonably affordable, user-friendly, and wedding guests love them! The bad news is that they’re often more expensive to develop, and you never know what photographs you’ll end up with—and for a once-in-a-lifetime event, that’s kind of a biggie.

Private Last Dance

One emerging summer wedding trending exclusively for couples is the private last dance (i.e., the sweetheart dance). This intimate moment allows the newlyweds to truly connect after a busy day packed with family and friends. Couples select a meaningful song and take a few minutes to reflect on their big day. They can choose to share this moment while everyone is still present or wait until they leave to savour the quiet solitude of being alone together.

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In the vibrant summer of 2024, Boardwalk Catering is here to turn your Sydney wedding dreams into a joyous reality. Our expert catering team brings the hottest summer wedding trends to life through visually stunning, mouth-watering culinary creations. Every aspect of your Sydney wedding feast has got to be a feast for the senses, from bold and beautiful colours to statement aisles and retro-inspired cakes. Boardwalk Catering will be right there by your side. Our exceptional service and attention to detail will make your bespoke catering experience as seamless and stress-free as it’ll ever be. 

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