Sure, it takes time, effort, and a ton amount of patience to have your dream wedding come to life. After all, picking the right venue, photographer, wedding dress, rentals… and yes, premium Sydney catering, too – all are big things you’ve got to mark off. But as mother used to say, “One bite at a time and you could eat a whole chicken if you wanted to.”

If you want to learn all there is to learn about premium wedding catering in Sydney in one meaningful, comprehensive guide, you’ve come to the right place.

The wedding day, as it is, is a big enough stress. And the last thing you want is a million websites to navigate. No, what you need is one simple guide that’s got everything you need to know – and that you can simply bookmark and refer back to for when you need it.

And we’ve got just that for you – with a free checklist you can download!

Boardwalk Catering has been serving delightful high-end gourmet in Sydney for more than a decade, and in that process, the premium wedding catering company has gone from fumbling around with learning how to best serve couples, to perfecting a step-by-step catering process that brought our business tens of thousands of happy souls.

In today’s guide to premium wedding catering Sydney, we’ll be touching on everything from why high-end gourmet wedding catering matters, to the modern couple’s taste, how to budget, questions to ask your caterer, how to pick the right wedding style, premium Sydney venues, and much more.

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Comprehensive Guide to premium wedding catering Sydney

What is premium wedding catering?

The year is 1778 and our story begins with normal folks hosting a party for William Howe in Philadelphia. The cooks served local foods that everyone loved. This got people excited about catering as a job. Then, in the 1860s, Robert Bogle, who bought his freedom waiting tables, founded the concept of modern catering  and is known to us as “the originator of catering.”

Fast forward to the 1930s, the Soviet Union simplified menus, and after World War II, catering was a big deal. By the 1960s, people preferred eating out over homemade food. Jump to the 2000s, and “personal chefs” became a thing, especially with more women joining the workforce.

So, what is wedding catering and what makes it premium?

In short, wedding catering is a service that provides food for a wedding reception and party – commonly known as a wedding breakfast. Caterers can either be hired independently or as part of a package offered by your Sydney venue.

What defines premium wedding catering? 

Some people call it premium; some call it high-end gourmet – we call it fresh, seasonal ingredients, impeccable presentation, innovative menus, and top-notch service that go beyond standard wedding catering. It’s an experience.

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Why is premium wedding catering important in Sydney?

Our guide “Why our premium wedding catering services will make your Sydney event a sweet success” breaks this down in detail. But in short, premium wedding catering isn’t just about how food tastes, it’s also about the fine dining experience, food presentation, innovative wedding menu design, and high food safety standards. Let’s break these down, shall we?

  1. Quality over quantity: Premium wedding caterers know the significance of quality ingredients in preparing good food. They head to the farmer’s market and examine every ingredient. If it’s locally sourced and top-tier, it goes into the cart, otherwise pass! And you might be thinking, “Why go through all this trouble?” The choice of ingredients has a direct impact on guests’ fine dining experience. One rule to remember: top-tier ingredients make for top-tier food.
  2. Fine dining experience: Hatted trained chefs tailor their wedding menus to match their positioning in the marketplace (e.g., fine dining, fast food, informal). Fine dining is a catering experience that transcends simply eating a meal. It’s a multi-faceted event characterised by elevated atmospheres (sophisticated décor and impeccable service), high-quality cuisine, price and formality with multi-course meals.
  3. Beautiful food presentation: This is at the heart of every premium wedding catering experience in Sydney (as it is everywhere). If you want to know more about how food presentation enhances the fine dining experience, our “5 Boardwalk Secrets to Stunning Catering Displays,” is going to be a fun read.
  4. Innovative wedding menu design and pairing: In order to craft the perfect wedding menu, bespoke wedding caterers need 3 fundamental things: 
    1. Psychology of flavour pairing: Premium wedding caterers are fully immersed in the psychology of flavours and flavour pairing. They aim to understand how certain combinations evoke specific emotions. This attention to detail in wedding menu design ensures high-end menu options that are both delicious and emotionally resonant. 
    2. Wedding menu sequencing: So that your guests have a dynamic culinary experience, menu sequencing is vital. From appetisers to the main dish to desserts, Sydney-based premium caterers use rich flavours and exotic textures to create cohesion and a Sydney catering experience that stands the test of time. Curious to know about 12 creative dessert menu ideas for a fall/autumn wedding? Read this.
    3. Tradition and innovation balance: Tradition and innovation are equally paramount and the best Sydney wedding caterers know how to strike that balance. They offer wedding menu options that respect classic favourites while introducing creative and contemporary dishes to evoke that wow factor where guests’ eyes pop.
  5. High safety standards: Listen, what food connoisseur lives up to their name if food safety is not at the core of what they do? High-end caterers implement cutting-edge technology that adheres to stringent food safety standards – but more on this later.

How to hire the best premium wedding catering service in Sydney

In Sydney, where culinary diversity thrives, finding the best wedding caterers is crucial. Below are 9 definitive steps:

Step 1: Know thyself

Before getting into the world of premium wedding catering, take a moment to envision your dream wedding feast. Do you crave a formal sit-down dinner with elegantly plated dishes, a vibrant cocktail party with a plethora of appetisers, or perhaps an interactive canape grazing station where wedding guests can savour diverse flavours? Defining your vision(s) sets the stage for productive discussions with potential Sydney caterers.

  1. Formal sit-down dinner: For those desiring a classic and sophisticated affair, a formal sit-down dinner is as fancy as it can get. There’s something seductive about that white-tablecloth theatre. The clinking of fork against china, the hushed murmurs of Sydneysiders dressed to the nines. It’s akin to a Michelin-starred episode of Downtown Abbey. The food is a killer – multiple courses, each one a tiny canvas for our chefs’ trips of great delight.
  2.  Vibrant cocktail party: If an atmosphere of mingling and lively conversations is your thing, a cocktail party is the perfect fit for you. This premium wedding catering style offers a wealth of bite-sized delights and refreshing beverages. Cocktail parties are all about socialising while indulging in flavours. The wedding ambience here is both dynamic and convivial.
  3. Interactive grazing station: For the couple wanting a rather interactive and casual dining experience, a grazing table could be an exciting option. Wedding guests can explore different food stations, interact with chefs, and customise their plates based on preferences. This approach adds that element of fun and engagement to the dining experience.

Step 2: Know the modern couple’s taste

In the dynamic landscape of modern gastronomy, understanding the preferences of today’s Sydney couples goes beyond mere sustenance.

You can read more about the top food trends in Australia (2024) in this post.

Meanwhile,  let’s explore the nuanced aspects of their evolving tastes, the global influences shaping local choices, and the rise of personalised culinary experiences tailored to individual palates.

The evolving preferences of contemporary couples

At a time when culinary exploration is viewed as an art form, Sydney’s modern couples are embracing a diverse “palette” of flavours. Some want traditional favourites, some want avant-garde dishes, while others crave a fusion of the two: the familiar with the unfamiliar. In the food industry, this is known as “fusion cuisine” – categories of which include Modern Australian Fusion, Asian Fusion, Mediterranean Fusion, and Latin American Fusion.

Influence of global culinary trends on local preference

When pondering the influence of global culinary trends on the local preferences here in Sydney, the first thing that comes to mind is “culinary mosaic.” Sushi meets street food, and traditional recipes find themselves reinvented in a global kitchen. Put it all together and what you get is culinary wanderlust – a journey that goes beyond borders and airline miles. 

The distinct lines between global and local are no longer clear. Sydney’s culinary landscape has wed authenticity to experimentation and couples now have more choices now than ever. Too much for some, and just about right for others – but hey, we say, the more, the merrier.

The concept of personalised culinary experiences

Personalisation is the hallmark of modern living. This extends to culinary experiences. Couples have had enough of wedding menu options that resemble airport safety guides. Today’s fine dining scene isn’t just about fuelling the old meat suit; it’s a culinary tango, a two-step with your taste buds. You want your steak medium-rare with a dash of existential dread? Bam, Sydney’s trained-hatted chefs have got you covered. How about an eight-course feast inspired by your childhood pet goldfish? To that we say, “Buckle up, as your wildest dreams are about to get plated.”

It’s a new concept yes, but with a foundation that’s both good and old-fashioned: it’s about making memories people, memories so mouth-watering you’ll need extra napkins for the drool.

If you’re interested in discussing this further and exploring how Boardwalk Catering can create bespoke wedding menu options for your special day, feel free to reach out. Give us a call or send an email, and as a bonus, download a free checklist guiding you through everything you need for your wedding to stay focused on things that actually matter.

Step 3: Know your budget 

Splurge-worthy food without the sticker shock? Yes, it’s possible! When it comes to premium wedding catering, budgeting is all about smart choices and creative thinking. Here’s the lowdown:

Know your numbers

  1. Guest count: This sets the foundation. Be realistic, yet consider padding for a few last-minute additions.
  2. Budget range: How much can you comfortably allocate? Remember, premium catering extends beyond food – think service, rentals, and potential travel fees.
  3. Priorities: What matters most? Upscale ingredients? Innovative courses? Luxurious presentation? Prioritise what reflects your vision and adjust accordingly.

Strategic saving tips

  • Timing is key: Weekends and peak seasons cost more. Consider a Friday brunch or weekday celebration for potential savings.
  • Wedding menu magic: Opt for smaller, personalised plates over large buffets. Simple advice: Let quality over quantity be your guide.
  • Station it up: Interactive food stations like live pasta or carving stations add that wow factor without breaking the bank. (This article lays out 9 trendy food stations for wedding catering in Sydney)
  • DIY details: Delegate dessert duty to talented family members or friends. They’ll love adding their touch.

Remember: This Sydney and caterers are on your team! Be open and communicative about your budget. They can brainstorm creative solutions and tailor a wedding menu that sings within your range.

Step 4: 31 questions to ask wedding caterers

So, you know what you want, you’re in the loop as to what’s trending, you also know a little bit about fine dining and premium wedding catering, its history, and why it’s important, and you know your wedding budget – or at least how to budget for one… 

what now? 

Well, dearly beloved, now your Sydney wedding requires every bit of energy and focus you have to choose your wedding caterer. Hiring the right one ensures your special occasion hits all the right notes. 

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But where do you start?

We’ve compiled this detailed list of essential questions you want answered:

Ingredient Integrity

  1. What sourcing practices do you follow for your ingredients? Reputable wedding caterers prioritise fresh, high-quality, and locally sourced ingredients to ensure the best flavours in your wedding menu.

The menu options

  • What food do you serve at weddings? Understanding the various wedding menu styles helps you choose the one that aligns with your vision, budget, and guest preferences. Does the wedding caterer serve canapes, buffet, plated, platters, food stations, and so on?

The food presentation

  • How do you approach food presentation to create an appealing and visually stunning experience? The best premium wedding catering companies in Sydney pay great attention to detail and ensure that not only the taste but also the food presentation enhance the overall fine dining journey.

The service

    1. What’s your approach to fine dining and is it part of your wedding service package? Anticipating needs, unobtrusive efficiency, and impeccable timing are the cornerstones of any fine dining experience. Knowing its different nuances is vital – and your premium wedding caterers ought to be on top of those.
    2. What’s your take on showcasing the best of Australian cuisine in a refined setting? Think native ingredients, modern techniques, and a touch of Aussie soul.
    3. What tips do you have for individuals experiencing fine dining for the first time? Providing guidance on fine dining etiquette and tips can test the patience and professionalism of the wedding caterers you’re vetting. No question is off the table here. A similar question can be…
  • What are the dos and don’ts when it comes to fine dining at a wedding?

Hatted trained chefs

  • Are you hatted trained? In Australia, a hatted-trained chef refers to a chef who has received recognition in the prestigious Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide awards. These awards are highly respected within the Australian culinary scene and celebrate excellence in restaurants and catering services across the country. 

Hiring a hatted trained chef for your premium wedding catering in Sydney could potentially offer several benefits:

Experience and expertise: They’ve learned from the best, meaning they understand the intricacies of fine dining and can create bespoke culinary experiences for your guests.

Commitment to quality: Hatted trained chefs uphold high standards, and chances are, they’re going to bring that same dedication to your wedding ceremony.

Network and knowledge: Hatted catering companies have connections with other talented professionals like producers, venues, or event planners – providing you with good recommendations.

Wedding ceremony order and caterers’ role

  • How do the premium wedding caterers fit into the overall wedding ceremony order? Knowing the caterers’ role in the wedding timeline helps in seamless coordination on the big day. Other questions related to the wedding ceremony and caterers’ role include:
  • What are the duties of premium wedding catering services?
  • How do you serve a wedding party? Do you clear tables?

Wedding guests

  • Can you tell me your experience catering to similar guest lists? Knowing if the wedding caterers you’re vetting have worked with groups similar to yours (age ranges, cultural backgrounds, family dynamics) can provide valuable insights into their capabilities.
  • How will you handle a last-minute increase in the guest count? Unexpected additions happen – more often than you think! Understand their flexibility and capacity to adapt.

Special requests

  • What is your process for accommodating dietary restrictions and allergies? Be specific about the types of needs you anticipate (gluten-free, vegan, nut allergies, etc.) and inquire about their experience and comfort level catering to various restrictions.
  • How do you handle guests with cultural dietary preferences? If you have wedding guests from diverse backgrounds, ask how they handle specific traditions or religious dietary limitations.
  1. Can you cater to children’s menus? If you have young guests attending, discuss wedding menu options for child-friendly meals and entertainment options.

Communication and Collaboration

  • How will you collect and manage guest dietary information? Will they use an online portal, questionnaires, or another method? Make sure it’s a comfortable, efficient process for both you and your wedding guests.
  • Will you communicate directly with guests regarding their requests? Clarity and direct communication with guests are key to avoiding misunderstandings or last-minute surprises.

Additional Considerations:

  • Do you offer a separate wedding menu for the bridal party or vendors? If you have specific plans for these groups, discuss potential options and pricing.
  • Can you cater to late-night snacks or after-party food? If your celebration plans extend past the main meal, understand their capabilities for additional catering services.
  • How do you handle guests with food sensitivities but no medical diagnosis? Some guests may have preferences or avoid certain ingredients for non-medical reasons. Ask about their experience and approach to accommodating such requests.

Premium wedding catering process

Now that we’ve scratched off all the fundamental questions, it’s high time we got into the process. Every premium wedding catering company has its own process. It’s especially important you’re in the loop. This is going to encourage less friction and more good times.

Remember. During the initial meeting, propose a format for the initial consultation that best suits your communication style.

  1. Vision alignment: How will you translate our concept and wedding narrative into a bespoke culinary experience?
  2. Collaboration: Do you actively incorporate the couple’s ideas and preferences throughout the planning process?
  3. Transparency and communication: Can we expect regular updates on progress,wedding menu refinements, and budget considerations?
  4. Planning and Operations: What is your process for meticulously managing logistics, including equipment, staffing, and vendor coordination?
  5. Team Composition: Describe the training, experience, and professionalism of your service staff.
  6. Seamless Integration: How will your team integrate seamlessly into the overall wedding atmosphere, providing attentive yet unobtrusive service?
  7. Guest Delight: What measures do you take to ensure every guest feels individually acknowledged and catered to during the wedding?
  8. Tabletop Tableau: How will you create visually stunning and cohesive table settings that complement the wedding theme and overall décor?
  9. Collaborative Design: Will you involve us in the design process, ensuring the aesthetics align with our vision and preferences?
  10. Punctuality and Setup: Can we expect your premium wedding catering team to arrive promptly and efficiently to complete the setup before the first guest arrives?

Step 5: Wedding celebration: beyond the wedding menu

The wedding cake: Then… and now

Back in the olden days, slicing the wedding cake wasn’t just about doling out dessert – it was a symbolically charged task. So, the cake was originally supposed to be distributed among the wedding guests by the bride – alone. Why, you ask? Well, the bride hacking away at a pastry Mount Everest was believed to guarantee every female guest went home with a “bun in the over.” Talk about pressure!

But then, weddings grew bigger and more sophisticated – and that solo cake-carving became about as manageable as a drunken conga line. What was once a solo undertaking has now become a collaborative effort, with the groom stepping in to share the frosting-flinging fun. Layers of cake began to build up, and the frosting had to support the weight of the cake, making it extremely difficult for one person to cut. 

So, the bride and groom, united by love and pastry, became a cake-cutting tag team with a simple process: Get cake. Cut cake. Take a bite – a symbolic “I do” in frosting form and a promise to forever provide for each other.

Wedding cake ideas to inspire you

Who doesn’t love a fantastic wedding cake? The kind that tastes great and looks amazing. Dessert trends may change, but a cake that pleases more than just your taste buds is timeless. Wedding cakes go beyond bites of deliciousness; they become a part of your wedding décor and hence make a statement in the process.

For the free-spirited brides, we adore charming flower wreaths, naturally arranged leafy vines, or anything with an earthy touch. If you lean towards a more modern style, a sleek, polished finish with geometric details is always a winner. Classic brides, you have options beyond traditional white; hand-painted florals, watercolours, and subtle ruffles bring a touch of timelessness. And if your wedding ceremony is outdoors, draw inspiration from the beauty around you.

Is it okay to not have a wedding cake?

Absolutely! In the grand scheme of your wedding day, the cake is just one element, and it’s totally up to you and your partner to decide what feels right. Here are some reasons why skipping the wedding cake might be your thing:

  1. Breaking tradition: Who says love needs a tiered-frosting monument? You can celebrate your union in ways that reflect your personalities and priorities. Maybe you’d rather splurge on an epic fireworks display or hire a live band.
  2. Budget savvy: Wedding cakes can be expensive, and that money could be better spent elsewhere. Think honeymoon upgrades or fun activities for your wedding guests.
  3. Dietary restrictions: Perhaps you or your guests have dietary restrictions. The wedding cake doesn’t have to be the only dessert option! Consider a smorgasbord of mini pies, a cheese tower, or an assortment of delicious vegan treats.
  4. Sweet alternatives: You can replace the sugar rush with savoury snacks, a late-night taco station, or even a gourmet ice cream bar. The possibilities are endless (and potentially less messy).
  5. Personal touches: Instead of cake, create a dessert experience that resonates with you. DIY some cookies with your partner’s initials, serve your grandma’s famous pie recipe, or offer a variety of international sweets. It’s your wedding party, bring your own flavour!

Remember, your wedding is about celebrating your love with the people you love. Don’t feel pressured to follow any traditions if they don’t suit you. Embrace your individuality and have fun planning a wedding day that truly reflects your unique coupledom.

And hey, if you still crave some cake down the line, you can always celebrate your wedding anniversary with a delicious slice (or two).

Practical ideas to weave your love story into your wedding 

Love stories. Juicy, messy, often hilarious detours from “met cute” to “I do;” No two alike, like a plate of spaghetti, only with more tangled limbs and tearful vows. Your wedding is your chance to spin your yarn for all the world to see, and maybe even taste if you have killer wedding caterers.

Here are 4 practical ways to weave your love story into the fabric of your wedding.

  1. The stationary: Your wedding stationary is the first glimpse your guests have into your celebration. Let it tell the story of your love. Collaborate with a designer to embed meaningful motifs – hometowns, states, places travelled, hobbies, or even custom illustrations. Alternatively, opt for a typographic invitation that encapsulates your love journey succinctly.
  2. The venue: When selecting your wedding venue, try to pick a location that reflects your love story. What does that mean? So, for example, if you and your partner share a special place, like the one you had on your first date, then why not choose that as your wedding venue? How about a family home where you’ve nurtured special memories together? Or a venue that reflects your shared occupation, hobby, or aspiration?
  3. The menu: The wedding menu you choose is a great way to tell your love story. Food is often entwined with our memories of travel and good times. So, if there’s a special dish that represents a milestone in your relationship, add it to your menu. And yes, it could be fancy – or not. In fact, even if your first date was at a burger joint, you could serve mini sliders during cocktail hour! 
  4. The wedding favours: Wedding favours are, too, another great opportunity to weave your love story into your special occasion. Consider items that tell a story. Like what, you ask? If he proposed in Greece, you could drizzle a little local honey (love is sweet, after all) and tie on a tag with a bee-uitful message like “Thanks for buzzing by to celebrate our love!

Key wedding elements: the roles of the bride, groom, wedding party, and guests

Understanding the key elements that contribute to a successful wedding is essential for creating a meaningful experience for everyone.

What’s the bride’s role?

As a bride, your wedding day preparation is a beautiful dance between practical steps and emotional moments. Here’s a breakdown of how you might get ready:

The Day Before:
  • Packing and final touches: double-check the wedding attire, ensuring everything is clean, pressed, and ready. Pack an emergency kit with sewing supplies, safety pins, and other necessities. Finalise details like seating arrangements and music selection.
  • Beauty regimen: consider getting a manicure, pedicure, or any last-minute beauty treatments. Relaxing activities like a massage or a bath can dramatically help manage pre-wedding jitters.
  • Early bedtime: a good night’s sleep is crucial for looking and feeling your best on the big day.
Wedding Day Morning:
  • Healthy start: fuel up with a nutritious breakfast, like avocado toast or oatmeal. Stay hydrated with water to maintain a radiant complexion.
  • Getting gorgeous: hair and makeup artists arrive. Mission? Transform the bride into her vision. Relaxing music and light snacks create a fun and calming atmosphere.
  • Special moments: share heartfelt exchanges with bridesmaids or family members. These intimate moments create memories that last.
  • Into the gown: the climax of the morning is slipping into the wedding dress. This moment signifies the bride’s transformation and is often filled with emotional weight.
  • Final touches: accessories are added, like the veil, jewellery, and shoes. Photos are taken, capturing the bride’s radiant beauty and pre-wedding anticipation.
  • Every bride’s preparation is unique and personal. Some prefer solo quiet time, while others thrive on the vibrant energy of their bridal party.
  • It’s important to prioritise both comfort and beauty. Wear loose clothing that’s easy to remove without messing up hair or makeup.
  • Delegate tasks! Bridesmaids can help with snacks, setting up, and ensuring everything runs as smoothly as they can run.
  • Most importantly, cherish the time with loved ones and savour the excitement of starting this new chapter.

What’s the groom’s role?

While the bride gets swept up in the pre-wedding flurry of beauty and anticipation, the groom has his own set of important roles to play:

Pre-Wedding Responsibilities:
  • Wedding Party: Choose his best man, groomsmen, and ushers (if desired). Help choose their attire and gifts.
  • Logistics: Secure the marriage license, arrange payment for the officiant, and book hotel rooms for out-of-town guests.
  • Finance: Traditionally, the groom purchases the bride’s engagement and wedding rings. He may also contribute financially to specific wedding expenses, depending on the couple’s agreement.
  • Bachelor party: Plan and participate in a festive send-off with his closest friends (optional).
Wedding Day:
  • Punctuality: Arrive on time (or even early!) for a smooth ceremony flow.
  • Support: Be present and supportive to his bride throughout the day. Help with any last-minute tasks, and alleviate any pre-wedding nerves.
  • Ceremony: Stand confidently at the altar, say his vows with conviction, and exchange rings with his wife-to-be.
  • Reception: Greet guests, mingle with family and friends, and deliver a heartfelt toast expressing his love and appreciation.
  • Party Time: Let loose, dance with the bride, and enjoy the celebration of the new bond!
Beyond the Wedding Day:
  • Gratitude: Express his thanks to the wedding party, family, and vendors for making his day special.

What’s the wedding party’s role?

The wedding party plays a multifaceted role that extends far beyond just standing at the altar. They are a dynamic team of support, celebration, and practical assistance. They help the couple navigate the whirlwind of wedding planning. Here’s a breakdown of their key roles:

  • Emotional support: Bridesmaids and groomsmen act as pillars of support. They’re there to mop up tears, existential dread and the occasional stray glass of spilled merlot.
  • Practical assistance: They can handle everything from wrangling RSVPs to deciphering the seating chart that looks like a Jackson Pollock painting. They help with errands, research vendors, organise showers and parties – the list goes on and on. 
  • Planning collaborators: Some members may even share responsibility for larger aspects like choosing the wedding venue, premium wedding catering, or entertainment.
  • Hype squad: Wedding parties keep the energy high and excitement bubbling through pre-wedding festivities like engagement parties and bachelor/bachelorette bashes.
Wedding Day:
  • Emotional champions: Bridesmaids and groomsmen remain close by to calm frayed nerves, adjust the veil, offer a quick touch-up, and remind the couple to breathe and soak in the moment.
  • Party starters: They hit the dance floor with gusto, engage wedding guests in conversation, and make sure the celebration is buzzing with lively energy.
  • Speech masters: The best man and maid of honour deliver heartfelt speeches – expressing love, support, and well-wishes for the couple’s future.
  • Continued support: The wedding party’s job doesn’t end with the last dance. They offer congratulations, help clean up, and are readily available to lend a hand during the first chaotic days of married life.
  • Memory keepers: Bridesmaids and groomsmen often participate in creating photo albums, organising post-wedding brunches, and reminiscing about the special day.

The guests

Wedding guests may not have official “roles” like the wedding party, but their contribution to the big day is just as vital – and just as meaningful. Here are some ways guests can participate and make the celebration truly special:

Celebrating the Couple:
  • Sharing in the joy: The most essential role is simply to be present and share in the couple’s happiness. Witnessing their vows, cheering during the toasts, and joining in the laughter and dancing are all ways to express genuine joy for them.
  • Showering them with love: Offer heartfelt congratulations, warm wishes, and kind words of encouragement for their future together. A handwritten card or a personal anecdote during the reception can be even more impactful than material gifts.
  • Creating a vibrant atmosphere: Let loose on the dance floor, engage in lively conversation with fellow guests, and contribute to the overall positive and celebratory energy are all ways wedding guests can do to create that vibrant atmosphere.
Supporting the Hosts:
  • Following the dress code: Respecting the wedding attire guidelines set by the couple helps create a cohesive and beautiful visual atmosphere for the celebration.
  • Being mindful of the schedule: Wedding guests should arrive on time for the wedding ceremony and reception, follow the flow of events as outlined in the program, and be mindful of noise levels during key moments like the vows or speeches.


  • How early should the bride start planning for the wedding?
    Begin planning at least 9 to 12 months before the desired wedding date.
  • What are some unique entertainment ideas for a wedding reception?
    Consider a live band, a themed photo booth, or even hiring a professional dance group.
  • How can couples incorporate both traditional and modern elements into their wedding?
    Blend traditional customs with modern touches in decorations, wedding attire, and ceremony elements.
  • What are the essential documents the groom needs to prepare before the wedding?
    Ensure you have a valid ID, marriage licence, and any required permits for the wedding ceremony.
  • How can couples manage wedding-related stress effectively?
    Delegate tasks, communicate openly with the wedding party, and take breaks to relax and enjoy the process.

Step 6: Wedding styles and bespoke celebrations

As we’ve seen so far, a Sydney wedding isn’t just a ceremony; it’s personal style and love expression – and their reflection on your wedding dominates. The world we live in is a world where choices abound and couples are increasingly opting for bespoke celebrations that mirror their individuality. Let’s explore some popular Sydney wedding styles!

Traditional weddings

As far as weddings are concerned, tradition holds a special place. Traditional weddings, with their rich customs and time-honoured rituals, continue to captivate Sydney couples who seek a bond with heritage. Think flowing white dresses and tear-jerking sacred vows but with a dash of personality. Swap the stuffy banquet hall for a twinkle-lit backyard ceremony, or let loose with a choreographed first dance to your favourite indie jam.

Modern weddings

In contrast, modern weddings are breaking away from conventions and embracing the now. Technology is present in full force in this wedding style. Live-steam your vows for far-flung friends, or let your guests loose with a VR tour of your honeymoon spot. It’s your day, so make it Insta-worthy (and totally you).

The rise of micro and small-scale celebrations

If intimacy sounds like your cup of tea, micro weddings are dominating the Sydney wedding scene by the day. “The bigger the better” isn’t always true. Intimate micro weddings are all about deep connections and heartfelt moments. Smaller-scale weddings, while not as intimate as micro weddings, offer a balance between a traditional ceremony and an intimate affair.

Large-scale weddings

On the other end of the spectrum, you get large-scale weddings. This wedding style is all about opulence, grandeur, and a guest list that stretches into eternity. Large-scale weddings often blend cultural traditions with modern flair and therefore create a visual spectacle worthy of a magazine spread.

Royal weddings

A royal wedding style is all about timeless elegance, tradition with a modern twist, and a touch of fairy tale grandeur. Think Grace Kelly‘s lace wedding gown with a cathedral veil, or Kate Middleton’s classic silhouette adorned with delicate lace and a flowing train. For the groom, it’s usually a bespoke military uniform or a sharp suit, often paired with family heirlooms like tiaras or swords. The overall atmosphere is one of old-world glamour and understated luxury, with nods to the couple’s heritage and personal style. 

Formal weddings

A formal wedding exudes an atmosphere of timeless elegance, where guests don their finest attire (floor-length gowns, tuxedos, or equally sophisticated alternatives) and gather to witness the couple’s vows amid luxurious décor, often in a grand venue like a historical mansion or stately hotel, followed by a multi-course dinner, vibrant dancing, and an air of grand celebration.

Dream weddings

More often than not, dream weddings are fuelled by childhood fantasies and personal dreams. They conjure that magic touch into the celebration. However, striking that balance between reality and fantasy is tricky, to say the least. It requires a great deal of attention and careful planning.


  • How do I decide on the right wedding style for us?
    Consider your personal preferences, cultural influences, and the overall vibe you want for your celebration.
  • Are micro weddings more budget-friendly than large-scale celebrations?
    In general, micro weddings can be more budget-friendly, but it depends on various factors like premium wedding catering, venue, and guest count.
  • Can I combine different wedding styles in one celebration?
    Absolutely! Many couples opt for a blend of styles to create a unique and personalised experience.
  • Is it possible to have a royal-style wedding on a budget?
    Yes, by carefully selecting elements like venue, attire, and decor, you can achieve a regal feel without breaking the bank.

Step 7: Sydney wedding venues

Selecting the right wedding venue in Sydney is an important decision. In fact, it’s one of the most significant decisions you’ll have to make. It shapes the ambience, catering options, and overall experience for you and your wedding guests. Let’s explore some of Sydney’s popular wedding venues that have become iconic choices for couples.

  • State of the Art Sydney (SOTA): For the Harbour-obsessed, intimate couple, this is ideal. Its polished wood floors, panoramic harbour views, and modern ambience create a perfect setting for chic gatherings, accommodating 40 guests for a fine dining experience.
  • AQA Sydney: Float your way down the aisle aboard this 92-foot luxury yacht. Accommodating up to 64 guests, AQA offers stunning harbour vistas, customisable menus, and the ultimate wow factor.
  • Centennial Park Superintendent Residence: For nature lovers, this is a definite maybe for your all-out wedding ceremony. Nestled in the heart of Centennial Park, this heritage-listed gem provides rustic charm and lush greenery. Bonus: stay the night in the residence for a truly magical wedding experience.
  • The Heaven Venue: Escape to the Northern Beaches and say “I do” amidst five acres of tropical paradise. The Heaven Venue boasts stunning grasslands, a sparkling pool, and a relaxed, alfresco vibe.
  • Bayview Yacht Racing Association (BYRA): BYRA is strategically located on Pittwater. What you get is a waterfront haven for a relaxed, social wedding. With a blank canvas for decorations and a capacity of 150 for cocktails, it’s an ideal wedding venue for letting loose and celebrating with your wedding guests.


  • What are the most popular wedding venues in Sydney?
    Explore iconic venues like the Sydney Opera House, The Grounds of Alexandria, and the Taronga Centre. Other high-end but intimate Sydney wedding venues may include State of the Art Sydney, AQA Sydney, Centennial Park Superintendents Residence, The Heaven Venue, and Bayview Yacht Racing Association.
  • How does the chosen venue impact catering decisions?
    The wedding venue influences customisation options and coordination with your wedding caterers for seamless service.
  • What trends are shaping Sydney wedding venues?
    Intimate micro-weddings and technology integration are hot these days.
  • What makes premium and high-end wedding venues special in Sydney?
    Premium and high-end wedding venues in Sydney offer a luxurious experience with opulence and unparalleled service.
  • Why is hiring a wedding planner beneficial for venue selection?
    Wedding planners offer expertise in matching venues to couple preferences and reduce stress during the wedding planning process.

Step 8: 10 of the most important Australian food safety standards

To plan your dream wedding in Sydney, you can’t leave anything to chance. Naturally, the food takes centre stage. But beyond the exquisite flavours and elegant food presentation, lies an essential foundation: food safety.

Here are 10 of the most important Australian food safety standards:

  1. Primary production and processing standards: these cover hygiene, handling, and transportation for animals, seafood, fruits, vegetables, and other primary products.
  2. Food standards code: this comprehensive code details specific requirements for food composition, labelling, and advertising, ensuring accurate information and preventing misleading claims.
  3. Hygiene practices for food businesses: this standard outlines mandatory hygiene protocols for all food businesses, including handwashing, cleaning and sanitation, pest control, and temperature control.
  4. Food safety programs: this requires all food businesses to implement documented food safety programs, outlining risks and procedures for controlling them.
  5. Temperature control: proper temperature control throughout the food chain (storage, cooking, cooling) is critical for preventing bacterial growth and foodborne illness.
  6. Food recall procedures: catering businesses must have procedures in place for quickly and effectively recalling unsafe food products from the market to minimise consumer risk.
  7. Traceability: maintaining accurate records of suppliers, ingredients, and distribution allows for effective tracking and identification of potential food safety issues.
  8. Packaging and labelling requirements: clear and accurate labelling is essential for allergen information, nutritional content, ingredient lists, and storage instructions.
  9. Training and supervision: catering businesses must ensure staff receive appropriate training in food safety practices and hygiene procedures.
  10. Food safety audits and inspections: regular audits and inspections by the Australian government agencies verify compliance with food safety standards and identify potential areas for improvement.

These are just some of the most important Australian food safety standards. By adhering to these regulations and implementing robust food safety programmes, premium wedding catering companies can help ensure the safety and well-being of your wedding guests and therefore contribute to the success of your special day.

Premium wedding caterers understand this responsibility and know about it all too well. At Boardwalk Catering, we believe food safety is non-negotiable. Everything stops until we implement rigorous, science-based protocols to guarantee, beyond all reasonable doubt, that your wedding guests will enjoy every bite with complete confidence.

Impeccable sourcing, storage, temperature control, special high-tech monitoring, and hygiene practices – all are Boardwalk Catering’s strict food safety protocols that our team know by heart and adhere to in full force. We work closely with accredited suppliers and employ stringent quality control measures to guarantee the freshest, most pristine ingredients reach your wedding table.

Planning your Sydney wedding? Contact Boardwalk Catering today and let us create a food experience that celebrates love, eternal deliciousness, and memories that last.


  • Why are food safety standards important? 

Food safety standards protect consumers from foodborne disease, which can range from mild discomfort to serious health complications. They ensure food is safe to eat throughout the entire supply chain, from farm to table.

  • Who sets food safety standards in Australia?

Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) is a government agency responsible for developing and reviewing food safety standards for Australia and New Zealand.

  • What are the top 3 most important standards for catering companies?
    • Hygiene practices: proper handwashing, cleaning and sanitising, pest control, and temperature control are crucial for minimising the risk of contamination. 
    • Food safety programs: having documented procedures for risk identification and control demonstrates a commitment to food safety.
    • Traceability: being able to track ingredients and products from farm to fork allows for faster response to potential food safety issues.
  • What should I do if I suspect food poisoning?

Seek medical attention immediately and inform the caterer. Reporting suspected foodborne disease helps identify and address potential food safety problems.

  • How can I stay informed about food recalls?

Subscribe to FSANZ’s recall and safety alert notifications, or check their website for updates. You can also follow your local health department for relevant food safety information.

  • What can I do as a consumer to ensure food safety at my wedding?

Choose your premium wedding catering service wisely. Discuss food safety procedures openly – and best of all, trust your gut. If you see something, say something. Don’t hesitate to politely raise concerns about food appearance, temperature, or handling practices with the caterer.

  • Where can I learn more about Australian food safety regulations?

Visit the FSANZ website ( for comprehensive information on food safety standards, recalls, and food safety resources.

Step 9: Payment and cancellation procedures

Here’s a no-sweat guide to navigating the finances when booking your dream wedding catering in Sydney.

Planning a Sydney wedding involves significant financial commitments. Clear payment procedures establish trust and transparency between both couples and vendors. Such clarity helps you budget better, prevent any potential misunderstandings, and foster a positive working relationship.

That said, what are some common payment structures in Sydney weddings?

In short, Sydney’s wedding industry offers multiple payment structures to accommodate diverse needs. This list is extensive and requires you to sit down with your partner and grasp the nuances of these structures. The goal is to make informed decisions about your budget and financial planning.

What about vendor contracts and payment terms? Vendor contracts play an important role in shaping payment expectations. You should carefully review contracts to understand payment schedules, deadlines, and any potential penalties. Different vendors may have different payment terms. 

That’s your cue for thorough scrutiny!

As for cancellation policies, while no one anticipates a wedding cancellation, having a clear policy in place protects both parties. Understanding the reasons behind cancellation policies and their implications will help you make informed decisions.

Boardwalk Catering: Premium. High-end Gourmet. Sydney-based Excellence

You’ve made it thus far. Congrats! 

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Now, Sydney’s chock-full of caterers, more than cockroaches at a bakery after dark. So how do you weed out the pretenders from the contenders? 


 Ask questions, lots of them

Grill them about their sourcing, like you’re an undercover food critic with a vendetta against supermarket kale. Find out if they can whip up a vegan spread that won’t have your plant-based guests yearning for a cheeseburger. And for God’s sake, make sure they know the difference between “rustic” and “burnt to hell.”

Why trust Boardwalk Catering with your handling of your food?

Personalised perfection

  • Tailored wedding menus: boardwalk catering goes beyond basic options. Here, we craft premium wedding menus that reflect your love story and preferences.
  • Vision alignment: we actively listen to your vision and work with you to create a seamless fine dining experience that complements your wedding theme and style.
  • Bespoke celebrations: step away from cookie-cutter weddings! At boardwalk catering, we embrace individuality in order to help you design a one-of-a-kind wedding day that speaks volumes about your bond.

Quality & culinary flair

  • Ingredient integrity: fresh, seasonal, and locally sourced ingredients are the foundation of dishes that are both vibrant and delicious.
  • High-end gourmet: impress your guests with exquisitely presented and artfully curated culinary creations that fill bellies, delight senses, and inspire shock and awe.
  • Diverse palates: Boardwalk Catering caters to all tastes and dietary needs with equal expertise, including canapes, buffets, and formal sit-down dinners. 

Stress-free elegance

  • Experience & expertise: our expert team takes care of everything. After all, we do want to ensure a smooth and flawless culinary experience on your big day.
  • Attention to detail: we’re meticulous in every aspect – be it wedding menu planning, styling, or a good ear.
  • Network of partners: access our curated network of wedding stylists, event planners, and vendors to effortlessly bring your dream wedding to life.

Sydney savvy:

  • Local know-how: as seasoned Sydney caterers, Boardwalk Catering navigates the city’s venues and vendors with ease. Seamless logistics and stress-free planning guaranteed.
  • Venue versatility: from intimate gatherings to grand receptions, we adapt our services to suit any Sydney venue fit for wedding flair.
  • Gold licence certified: our gold licence certification assures the highest food safety standards, giving you peace of mind and something to brag about. (Read more about the Gold Licence Catering Accreditation on their official website)

premium wedding catering, catering Sydney, Sydney catering

Parting thoughts

Your wedding day. White dress blinding white. Sun is like a honey glaze on the ocean. You look at your partner, their faces etched with a grin so goofy it’d melt glaciers (happens to the best of us). The food, though. Not some soggy chicken nuggets and a fruit salad that’s seen better days. No, we’re talking flavours so rich, so diverse, you’d think they’re a bite of mini-moonlight walks. That’s what Boardwalk Catering brings to the table, folks.

See, your wedding isn’t just about saying “I do” (although, bless your hearts, that’s pretty damn important). It’s about carving a memory that’ll stick to your ribs like grandma’s Sunday sauce. And at Boardwalk Catering, our chef’s knives are locked and loaded – ready to take your love story, your personalities, your weird uncle’s obsession with interpretive dance – and whip up lavish wedding menus that tell your love story on a plate.

We serve food. Handle logistics. Introduce connections. Shine your shoes. We do it all – and we do it with a smile. Need your grandma’s secret banana bread recipe incorporated into the dessert? Challenge accepted, friend. We sweat the small stuff so you can soak up the big stuff – like the first dance, the nervous giggle after the vows, and the look on your grandma’s face when she realises, Boardwalk actually served the banana bread.

So, if you’re tired of wedding catering that’s as exciting as watching paint dry, give us a call 0434 917 069 or email us at [email protected] and get the premium wedding catering of a lifetime – and claim your free checklist for a stress-free high-end wedding experience.