4 Ways to Choose the Right Beverage for Your Sydney Event

You can’t have a good meal without a good drink to match it. Your event catering would project an incomplete feel. Wine, beer, non-alcoholic – a well-thought-out beverage menu accentuates your event experience and gives it that extra zest.


You’re not here to listen to us embark on a verbal flight of fancy about the importance of pairing the right drink with your T-bone steak or any other cut of meat, for that matter.

That you know… 

What you might not be familiar with, however, are the best beverages to go with your food catering. Fortunately, Boardwalk Catering know just what to serve with what!

Your choice of beverage should complement the food

Undoubtedly, there are certain combinations that are more indulging and effective than others. You’ve got two options to choose from:

The first (and most widely embraced) school of thought is that you ought to choose beverage catering that complements your wedding or corporate menu. For instance, If the main course is marinated in sweet sauce, you might want to pair it with a similarly sweet wine like Port.

In the culinary world, this technique is known as “mirroring.”

The opposite school of thought is a little wild, but it’s just as valid. Instead of looking for drinks and foods that complement each other, you go for the opposite. In fact, choosing a drink that goes against the grain of what you’re eating might lead to some surprisingly delicious combinations. Case in point: Pairing spicy food with a fruity, low-alcoholic wine is one way to help tame that spiciness.

Need some help figuring out what flavours go well together? Our staff at Boardwalk Catering is eager to lend a hand in any way we can. Contact us with your question at 0434 917 069 or email us at [email protected] 

Beverage catering should suit your Sydney event

Pairing a drink with food is only half the problem. The other half chooses beverage catering that suits the venue.

When deciding on the beverages to serve at your event, logistics come into play. Are you hosting an event in a classic Throttle Shop venue or in a super fancy yacht like One World Charters? The possibilities are endless, and you’ll need to have that figured out first.

If you’re hosting an outdoor event, for example, you’ll need a cool place to store your drinks. Nobody likes warm soda or beer!

 Here’s what to consider:

  • Total number attendees
  • Total number of beverages
  • The event time and schedule
  • The theme of the set-up
  • On-premise storage and refrigeration


Remember, the beverage catering has got to reflect the event type you’re hosting. Here’s an example:

Buffet menus are a popular choice here in Sydney – which you can read about in this article. If you ask us, there’s no better way to enjoy a meal with others than at a buffet. Eating is meant to be a social activity, folks!

So, why not go all out and make the drinks as convivial as the food by pairing it with a punch? You could even get some drinks on tap. It even applies to the most basic of drinks – water!

Make it a point to add lemon, mint, and cucumber to water if you’re throwing a formal or fancy party.

Keep your guests in mind

You should also consider your audience. If you also know that most of your guests are health-conscious or that the event is launching a new line of activewear, you’ll need to serve a healthy menu.

That includes healthy beverage catering, such as freshly squeezed juices, instead of soft drinks or alcohol.

How will you serve your beverages?

The drinks themselves aren’t the only thing to think about. It’s also crucial to consider how they’ll be served!

Making a strong first impression typically entails paying attention to every detail, including the seemingly minor (but equally significant!) details, like the type of glassware you’ll be using.

Elegant glassware is required for elegant events or product launches. Drinks shouldn’t be served in plastic or paper cups during such types of Sydney events unless held outside, for example. Even so, there are plastic glasses shaped like champagne flutes.


Don’t like plastic cups? Reach out to Boardwalk Catering and ask for tableware and glassware rental.

Remember your priorities – food comes first!

While you want your visitors to enjoy themselves and feel at ease throughout your event, keep in mind that the food always comes first.

While necessary, beverage catering is ultimately simply a sideshow – it compliments the food but can’t replace it.

If your food and beverage options conflict, we recommend replacing the beverages first.

Having a hard time choosing appropriate drinks? Let Boardwalk Catering help.

We don’t only do food at Boardwalk Catering. We’d be delighted to help you select the best beverages to complement your Sydney event catering!

For all of your corporate or private catering needs, our drinks menu provides a broad selection of options.

Looking for a low-key approach to your catering? Are you planning an early morning event? Our hot beverage catering will help you and your guests wake up:

  • Tea and coffee stations
  • Nespresso machine hire
  • Hot apple cider

Formal events necessitate matching beverages; speak with Boardwalk Catering about our extensive selection of alcoholic beverages, which includes:

  • Locally-grown wines
  • Champagne
  • Boutique and classic beers
  • Cocktail service

Why not add a fully-staffed bar for an extra touch of glitz? Speak with our team about adding one of our licenced bartenders to your event.

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