Dessert catering isn’t what keeps you at night – we get it. But, as far as ordering food for your office lunch, we think it’s an underrated choice that can make a big difference. Introducing dessert into your workplace can inject an unusual sense of joy. Desserts have been known to do that. After all, who doesn’t appreciate a sweet treat every now and then? 

With the holiday season approaching, now is the ideal time to consider hiring a catering company in Sydney to handle your dessert catering. It’s one of those additions that you can never go wrong with. Still, need more convincing? We’ve got 6 compelling reasons why dessert catering should be a priority for your Sydney corporate event. Keep reading to uncover them all.

A pleasant surprise for your team

Who among us doesn’t experience those weeks that seem to drag on forever, with nothing going as it should be? During such times, morale can take a nosedive among your team, and productivity just plummets – especially when there are too many meetings. However, as a chief executive or business admin, you have the power to turn things around. Surprise your employees with dessert catering, and watch their spirits lift and their inspiration rekindle. It’s the little things that matter the most and make people feel appreciated and valued.

A nice change of pace

According to a report by Gitnux, “Nearly 40% of people say they only occasionally, rarely, or never take breaks during the workday. Nearly a quarter (22%) of people feel guilty or judged when they step away from work at midday.” There are several conclusions that can be drawn from this. Here are three:

  • Boost morale and productivity: The fact that nearly 40% of people only occasionally, rarely, or never take breaks during the workday indicates there is a significant portion of the workforce who may not be prioritising self-care or relaxation. Introducing dessert catering for corporate lunches can serve as a valuable incentive for your team to step away from their work and take a break. This will boost morale, provide a sense of reward, and lead to increased productivity.
  • Encourage breaks: the report highlights that 22% of people feel guilty or judged when they step away from work at midday. Introducing dessert catering sends a message to employees that taking breaks is not only acceptable but also encouraged. Providing a tempting dessert option during corporate lunches can help alleviate feelings of guilt or judgment, making it more likely for employees to take the much-needed breaks they deserve.
  1. Foster a positive work environment: Introducing dessert catering can contribute to creating a positive work environment. When employees have access to enjoyable desserts during their lunches, it adds an element of excitement and satisfaction to their day. It can also encourage social interaction and foster a sense of camaraderie among colleagues as they bond over shared treats. This positive work environment can lead to improved employee satisfaction, engagement, and retention.

Dessert catering makes people happy

A team’s happiness significantly contributes to their overall success. Several studies have confirmed that indulging in sweets triggers the brain’s reward system, resulting in increased happiness levels. Demonstrate your profound gratitude towards your dedicated employees by organising dessert catering from a premium catering company in Sydney, a gesture that has the potential to profoundly impact their week-long well-being and drive.

Ideal for celebrations

Birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays call for celebration, and dessert catering is the ideal choice to commemorate these special occasions. The whole office will appreciate the wonderful snacks, and you’ll strengthen relationships with your coworkers in the process. Show your appreciation by hosting an office party and providing all of their favourite desserts.

Endless options to suit everyone’s tastes

Break free from the monotony of traditional dessert catering. Introduce an unconventional yet premium twist with a build-your-own ice cream sundae bar, irresistibly gooey office s’mores, or comforting hot chocolate for those chilly months. Don’t deny yourself the pleasure. Let’s create an unforgettable dessert party where you can revel in a cornucopia of dessert catering delights. At Boardwalk Catering, we pride ourselves on accommodating everyone’s dietary preferences and restrictions so as to guarantee an exceptional dessert catering experience.

The perfect finish to an office dinner party

When you’re already ordering dinner catering for an office party, don’t overlook the grand finale—dessert! Conclude the celebration on a high note by treating your team to something sweet. They’ll leave with a feeling of satisfaction, and the conversation and team bonding will continue long after the last bite.

Hiring Boardwalk Catering, your reliable catering company in Sydney

  • Gold Licence Status: We hold a prestigious Gold Licence status, ensuring that we meet the highest standards of quality and professionalism in our catering services. Your event deserves nothing but the best.
  • Fresh and Seasonal Produce: At Boardwalk Catering, we are committed to using fresh and seasonal produce in our desserts. We believe in creating exquisite flavours that are not only delicious but also reflect the vibrant and diverse culinary scene of Sydney.
  • Premium Catering with a Difference: Boardwalk Catering delivers a premium culinary experience. Our dedication to service excellence ensures that every dessert masterpiece we create leaves a lasting impression on your team and colleagues.
  • Values That Set Us Apart: Our values are at the core of everything we do. We pride ourselves on our honesty, customer-focused approach, adaptiveness, common sense, and attention to detail. These values guide us in providing you with an exceptional dessert catering experience tailored to your needs.
  • 24-Hour Monitors for Food Safety: One aspect that sets us apart is our implementation of 24-hour monitors for our fridges and freezers. We prioritise food safety and take every precaution to maintain optimal storage conditions. Our state-of-the-art monitoring system ensures that temperatures are constantly monitored to provide an additional safeguard for the freshness and quality of our dessert catering.

Parting thoughts

Incorporating dessert catering into your corporate events and office lunches can uplift team morale, boost productivity, and bring happiness to your team. It’s a simple yet effective way for us to show our appreciation and make our team feel valued. With a wide range of dessert options to suit everyone’s tastes, we can create an exciting and enjoyable work environment.

At Boardwalk Catering, we’re your reliable partner for dessert catering in Sydney. We hold a prestigious Gold Licence status, so we make sure that we deliver top-quality service. Our commitment to using fresh and seasonal produce guarantees exquisite flavours that reflect the vibrant culinary scene of Sydney. With our attention to detail and customer-focused approach, we deliver a premium culinary experience that stands the test of time.

Contact us at 0434 917 069 or email us at to let us handle your dessert catering needs. Trust our expertise, and let us make your workplace a space of bliss and achievement of great things.