The Rise of food stations at corporate events

Organising events can be challenging, especially when trying to break away from the norms. While sit-down catering can be elegant and sophisticated, it requires extensive expertise and precise timing to ensure that each plate is cooked to perfection and served promptly. Moreover, offering limited food choices in a formal setting may not always be the best approach. Any mishap with the catering is any event planner’s worst nightmare.

There’s a time and place for sit-down menus (and, to a planner’s relief, most of them go off without a hitch), but perhaps something a little different would be nice for your next corporate event…

Enter food stations!

The Evolution of Corporate Event Catering

Corporate event catering has undergone significant change. What used to be basic buffets with limited food options have now become a more sophisticated and specialised experience that caters to the diverse tastes of guests. As corporate events increased, so has the need for premium catering services.

Today, corporate event catering has grown into an integral part of the event itself, offering guests a memorable experience that complements the event’s overall theme and atmosphere. Bespoke menus that cater to different dietary requirements and themed food stations are just a few examples of how corporate event catering has evolved.

Food stations have become increasingly popular in recent years, offering guests a more personalised and interactive dining experience with a range of food options to suit various tastes and preferences. Not only are food stations versatile, but they can also cater to different dietary requirements while providing a visually stunning display that enhances the event’s ambience. Plus, food stations encourage socialising among attendees as they enjoy their food together.

Instagrammable food displays for corporate events.

Benefits of Food Stations at Corporate Events

#1 Guest Interaction

Rather than having everyone sit in a room and wait for meals to come out of thin air, guests can go around and talk to one another as they wait in line at their favourite food station. The great thing about this set is that guests may order exactly what they want – and customise it to their heart’s content (more cheese, please!)

#2 Cost Effective

A quick comparison of catering quotes reveals a clear pattern: Traditional catering services cost more than food stations. Because everyone is free to order what they want, there may be less food waste.

Plus, instead of hiring a large team of servers, you can hire Boardwalk to place a smaller team of expert chefs and servers who can handle multiple food stations at once. This not only saves you money but also allows you to offer a wider variety of dishes to your guests. 

#3 Increased Exposure… for You

Let’s face it, the Instagrammable display of food stations offers increased exposure for your business, in general, and your corporate event, in particular. When guests have a unique and memorable experience, they share it. Beyond the delicious food and artistic display, people will start wondering what you do. That little bit of free publicity helps to boost your brand exposure and attract new clients. 

#4 Quality and Variety

You can have a food station for pretty much anything these days. During the event planning stages, it becomes a matter of needs and wants. Some food stations serve curries, others Vietnamese noodles, Italian food, churros, tacos, crème brulee, crepe, and just about anything else you can imagine.

Now, let’s talk layout. Three or four food stations would be ideal, with one catering to beverages or snacks, a couple for main dishes, and one for dessert.

#5 New Relationships

As guests waddle from one food station to the next, they might bump into each other in a happy, accidental way. Who knows, maybe they’ll strike up a conversation over the paella station or bond over their shared love of mini sliders. 

A speedy dating event – except instead of meeting potential romantic partners, you’re just meeting fellow foodies. Who needs love when you have sliced salami, ay? 

This is a fantastic opportunity for guests to make new friends, eat great food, and have a great time. 

#6 Memorable

When planning your corporate event in Sydney, guests may forget the minor details – but they will never forget the food or the experience. At Boardwalk, we cannot stress enough the importance of “The Experience.”

Despite their long history, food stations continue to evolve and get people talking. Having them as part of your event makes it that much more memorable. In the end, that’s what the host and the corporate caterer want: An evening, a day, or a weekend that stays with guests fortunate enough to attend.

Parting Thoughts

Boardwalk believes food stations are one of the best ways to provide guests a unique dining experience. From the freshest seafood to succulent dumplings, we have you covered. If anything, we’re known for one thing: We cut food…  not corners – and we’re very good at it.

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