This year’s Vivid Sydney is shaping up to be the best yet, with a ripper program themed “Humanity.” We’re talking light shows, banging tunes, bright ideas, and of course, delicious nosh! Over 23 nights (24 May to 15 June 2024) Sydney CBD will come alive with cutting-edge artists, thinkers, musos, and chefs around. It’s a cracker – packed with the latest art, tech, and innovation.

But amidst the mesmerising lights and throngs of people, hosting a premium corporate function during Vivid Sydney can present a unique challenge. Securing prime viewing locations can be competitive, and the sheer volume of visitors can make it hard to create that bespoke culinary experience for your guests.

That’s where premium corporate catering comes in. Team up with a top-notch, Gold-licenced caterer to turn your Vivid Sydney 2024 into a real ripper. They’ll sort out the food, so you can focus on having a good time with your crew.

In this post, we’ll unveil three reasons why choose premium corporate catering for your Vivid Sydney 2024 corporate event and how Boardwalk Catering does its magic with amazing transparency and shocking clarity.

premium corporate catering for vivid sydney 2024 corporate functions

By the time you finish reading it, you’re going to leave with greater clarity and resolve to land a truly memorable Vivid Sydney 2024 corporate event — with a free checklist and 28 questions to vet your caterer. Let’s go!

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Why Partner with a Premium Caterer for Vivid Sydney?

Transform your Vivid Sydney 2024 corporate event into an extraordinary experience with premium corporate catering. Here’s how:

  • Uniquely You: High-end gourmet corporate caterers work closely with you to understand your company’s brand identity. They then design a bespoke menu and theme that you approve of and that aligns with Vivid Sydney’s humanity spirit.
  • Exclusive Ambience: Premium corporate caterers can secure access to unique venues offering breathtaking views of the Vivid Sydney light displays. They find hidden gems only — superyachts, fabulous havens, and more. Basically, they turn Vivid Sydney 2024 into your own private playground, with the best darn view in town.
  • The VIP Treatment: Premium corporate catering propels your Vivid Sydney 2024 corporate function to a level of effortless sophistication. Attentive service, seamless course transitions, and a constant flow of delicious, locally sourced food and beverages create a truly bespoke culinary experience.
  • A Gastronomic Journey: No more bickering about the food, the dishes a high-end gourmet caterer prepares are made of locally sourced, seasonal produce. Plus, they cater to any dietary needs, so no one has to reach for the indigestion remedies.

premium corporate catering for vivid sydney 2024 corporate functions

How Boardwalk Catering Makes Your Vivid Sydney 2024 Corporate Event Shine

At Boardwalk Catering (BWC), we’re experts in crafting bespoke corporate catering experiences for any type of event — including the fabulous Vivid Sydney

Premium Corporate Menu Options for Premium Corporate Functions

  • Canapés: We’re talking flavour explosions here, friend. Imagine tiny, bite-sized versions of the best food you’ve ever seen — perfect for mingling and enjoying the vibrant atmosphere of Vivid Sydney on a superyacht. We’ve got delicate duck pancakes filled with succulent duck, cucumber slices, and spring onions. Alongside those, we offer miniature Angus beef burgers, packed with flavour and served on charcoal rolls with smoked aioli, Boardwalk chutney, and a tangy pickle. And for a touch of Asian-inspired flair, we have crispy chicken sliders drizzled with sweet chilli aioli and nestled in soft brioche buns.
    For more delectable canape menu options, see the menu.

canapés by premium corporate catering for vivid sydney 2024 corporate functions

  • Plated Dinners: For a more formal setting, our plated dinners boast earthy bliss mushroom tartlets, mouth-watering Aussie lamb, and oceanic gem fish. Mains feature Mastro-crafted steaks, island-fresh salmon, and a creamy earthy dream risotto. Desserts are playful with a deconstructed pavlova or decadent with a rich and dreamy milk chocolate tart.
    See entire list of our plated dishes here.

plated by premium corporate catering for vivid sydney 2024 corporate functions

  • Buffets: For larger Vivid Sydney corporate events, our high-end buffets offer a wide array of hot and cold dishes, presented on elegant buffet platters with serving utensils and accompanied by 2 ply white napkins. The corporate menu options include Gold, Platinum, and Diamond – featuring fresh seafood, delectable meats, and luxurious locally sourced ingredients. All dietary preferences are considered, with vegetarian, gluten-free, and shellfish-free options clearly marked. Exquisite desserts and a full range of accompaniments complete the picture to deliver a memorable dining experience.

premium corporate catering for vivid sydney 2024 corporate functions

A Bespoke Culinary Experience Befitting a Fabulous Vivid Sydney Corporate Function

Exclusive Settings for Your Vivid Sydney Event

Escape the Vivid Sydney crowds with a private haven. We partner with unique corporate function venues boasting stunning views of the light displays – function spaces in Sydney and superyachts

Let us secure the perfect corporate function venue for you to impress your guests. Call 0434 917 069 or Email [email protected] Today!

Seamless Service & Culinary Expertise

Your Vivid Sydney corporate function is in the hands of our seasoned professionals. Our expert chefs curate a delectable culinary experience, while our wait staff and bartenders deliver seamless service and exceptional hospitality. Our gold licence guarantees the utmost food safety and hygiene standards for your peace of mind.

Fresh, Local Produce

We champion Australian produce. We source ingredients from local farmers and artisans, ensuring freshness, quality, and a celebration of local flavours.

premium corporate catering for vivid sydney 2024 corporate functions

Transparent Pricing for Vivid Sydney Corporate Functions

Transparency matters. While the bespoke nature of our corporate catering services prevents a single price list, we’re happy to provide a detailed menu with corresponding pricing breakdowns. Simply reach out and let us know your specific needs –  we’ll create a custom quote that fits your budget.

Parting Thoughts

Vivid Sydney 2024 is more than just a dazzling display of lights. It’s a celebration of human creativity, innovation, and our interconnectedness. By creating a unique and memorable corporate function through premium corporate catering, you foster connections and shared enjoyment amongst your colleagues, all while experiencing the magic of Vivid Sydney.

Ready to Make Your Vivid Sydney Event Shine?

Don’t settle for an ordinary gathering. Schedule a discovery call with Boardwalk Catering today and receive a complimentary “Corporate Catering Checklist” with 28 key questions to ask potential caterers. Call 0434 917 069 or Email [email protected]

Disclaimer: Specific menu options, pricing, and venue availability may vary. Please contact Boardwalk Catering for the latest information and to discuss your specific needs.

premium corporate catering for vivid sydney 2024 corporate functions

Your Premium Corporate Catering Questions, Answered.

What’s the most extravagant or challenging catering project you’ve worked on? How did you deal with it?

Chef Tim did a molecular gastronomy event once where BWC made things look like other things – ‘salmon roe’ was actually carrot pearls; Chef Tim made an edible rock – which was actually potato – we had grown men all standing together and giggling about eating a rock. It was awesome.

Is Boardwalk Catering Gold Licenced?

That’s right. Our gold licence signifies our commitment to adhering to the strictest food safety and hygiene regulations. This ensures your guests can enjoy our premium corporate catering services at your Vivid Sydney 2024 corporate function with complete peace of mind.

How long has Boardwalk Catering been in business?

At Boardwalk Catering, we have been in the corporate catering business for more than a decade. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities presented by big Sydney events like Vivid Sydney, and we leverage our expertise to create truly bespoke culinary experiences.

How important is food safety to Boardwalk Catering?

Our commitment to maintaining the highest standards involves continuous monitoring of our cool rooms and freezers 24 hours a day. A senior chef oversees the checking of meat, fish, and fruits and vegetables for correct receiving parameters, ensuring their freshness and suitability for consumption. Every step in our food safety protocol is meticulously followed, from proper storage practices to a commitment to utilising everything ordered within a tight 1–3-day window, making sure that every ingredient contributes to the culinary excellence for which Boardwalk Catering is renowned. Almost all of our senior chefs are Food Safety Supervisors and have a detailed understanding of food safety protocols. This element has always been a priority for Boardwalk Catering with a focus on food safety from day one. We use special food transport boxes when transporting high-risk food to see to it that it doesn’t remain at unsafe temperatures. In essence, our comprehensive quality assurance measures create a foundation where taste, presentation, and safety harmoniously come together to make every catering experience shine.

Does Boardwalk Catering prioritise ethical sourcing?

Absolutely! In addition to culinary excellence, Boardwalk Catering places a strong emphasis on ethical and sustainable practices, particularly in sourcing ingredients. We are committed to using locally and ethically sourced components, with a special focus on line-caught seafood. This dedication doesn’t only sort out the freshness and quality of our offerings challenge but also aligns with our broader commitment to responsible and sustainable culinary practices. We believe every dish should delight and reflect a conscientious approach to sourcing.

How can I know if a venue cost is a good deal?

Understanding venue costs can be tricky. A seemingly expensive venue might be the perfect fit for your event’s style and function type. Conversely, a cheaper venue might be inconveniently located, hindering guest attendance for a corporate event. Ultimately, the value depends on how well the space aligns with your needs. If the venue allows you to achieve your event goals, then it’s a good deal.

How can we know if the premium corporate catering cost is a good deal?

One word for you: Compare. Check to see if the corporate caterer is on par with other caterers of similar style/offering. If in doubt, just ask. Our pricing structure for corporate functions considers factors like menu selections, staffing requirements, and potential kitchen set-up needs. We may need to bring in additional equipment for some events, which will be reflected in the cost. Generally, corporate events tend to be slightly cheaper due to their shorter duration (typically evening events held after work hours).

What role does a premium catering service play at corporate events?

Beyond providing food and beverages, a skilled catering service can act as an icebreaker at corporate events. Our team facilitates conversation starters, offers discreet service, and even assists with time management so that your Vivid Sydney corporate function runs smoothly and on schedule. We strive to provide a seamless experience to make sure your guests are well-fed and comfortable while remaining unobtrusive and enhancing the overall flow of the event.

How does Boardwalk Catering handle the catering process for Vivid Sydney 2024 corporate functions?

Knowing time is of the essence, Boardwalk Catering provides efficient recommendations regarding food and beverage options for your corporate function. We prioritise menus with non-dripping dishes to avoid messy situations with professional attire. Additionally, we emphasise clear descriptions of menu items so that your guests know what they’re selecting and can make informed choices.