3 practical tips for building a strong relationship with a corporate caterer for successful events in Sydney

As a premium catering company in Sydney, we understand the vital role a strong relationship with your chosen corporate caterer plays in the success of your events. If you’re an admin – whether you’re an administrative assistant, an HR officer, or a start-up executive – aiming to orchestrate a company-wide conference or organise a team-building retreat, the quality of a corporate catering service significantly impacts the overall outcomes of your corporate event.

Like many people, you’re probably swamped with questions about how corporate catering works and what you can do to build a strong relationship with one. Questions like:

  • Why do you need corporate catering in the first place? And,
  • How do you build a strong relationship with them for successful events?

If that’s you, this guide will help you understand the role of a premium corporate caterer in Sydney and know exactly what you should be doing to build a strong relationship with them.

What’s the role of a corporate caterer?

Corporate catering is the business of serving food to the employees of a company or organisation. This could be done on a daily basis or for a one-time event, such as a long meeting or training. Some caterers specialise in corporate catering (hey, that’s us), while others are restaurants that also provide catering services. (For more information about this, we encourage you to read this blog post on “Why more people are choosing corporate catering over restaurants”)

In concept, the process is simple: 

  1. Google something like: “A premium corporate caterer near me.” Or “a premium corporate caterer in Sydney CBD.”
  2. Choose the one you’re comfortable working with
  3. Tell them what you want and when you want it
  4. They deliver.

Of course, the process is not that simple, nor should it be – especially if you’re looking to order something truly special. 

So, in order to dig deeper at what a corporate catering service really entails, we’ve got to understand the role of a corporate caterer.

  1.  An exceptional corporate caterer will provide delicious food, meticulously crafted with fresh ingredients of the highest quality – food that not only satiates the appetites of attendees but also captivates their senses. They’ll have plenty of food options, and they’ll work with the company’s reps to accommodate any dietary preferences or needs. A premium corporate caterer is qualified to offer educated meal suggestions that are appropriate for the type of event being planned.
  2. A premium corporate caterer will lend their creativity in the hopes of achieving a successful event. This includes recommending venues, choosing the theme, sourcing appropriate table settings and decorations, and more.
  3. They’ll cater to your event’s specific needs with expert service. A premium corporate catering company is more about granularity than they are about the bigger picture. They pay attention to every last detail, and due to the wealth of experience they’ve got under their belt, they can keep a cool head to serve your guests quickly and efficiently.
  4. The leadership team will make sure that the decorations, chefs, waiters, and cleaners are all working together in perfect harmony. So, they’re there at a moment’s notice but not be a nuisance or distraction.
  5. They’ll take good care of the catering staff to ensure professionalism, compassion, and effectiveness when engaging with and serving guests at the event.

All in all, Sydney catering and event planning companies have got to respond fast and exhibit genuine interest in your needs.

Now, as you can see, there’s a lot that’s at stake here. If you’re in luck and you found a corporate caterer in Sydney who checks all the boxes, understands their role perfectly, and doesn’t cut corners, you’ve got to learn how to build a strong relationship with them.

3 practical tips for building a strong relationship with your corporate catering company of choice for successful events

Building a strong relationship with a corporate caterer is essential for any successful event. Yet, a 2018 report by TrustRadius showed that businesses want more from their vendors: More engagement, more partnership, and more listening. In fact, just 29% of B2B customers are engaged, and 71% of them are either apathetic or actively disengaged. 

To build a strong relationship in a B2B setting, planning, dedication, and hard work are a must – and that holds true for corporate caterers, too.

Focusing on these 3 fundamental strategies can help you gain great insights and build a strong relationship with your corporate caterer in Sydney for successful events:

  1. Prioritise value over price: Focus your attention on the value you’re getting instead of the price your caterer is charging. If it’s reasonable and you know the quality catering you’re getting, go for it.
  2. Take your time: Building a strong relationship with a corporate caterer in Sydney takes time (just like any other relationship). Take the time to communicate with your premium corporate catering company and let trust grow over time. If you have any problems or concerns, let your catering partner know about them. We’re sure they’ll do everything in their power to address them. 
  3. Share your company’s story: What does your company name stand for? What’s your mission? What do your guests know and value about you? Find a way to humanise your organisation and leverage your brand’s image to connect with your corporate caterer.

IMG 4163 2 1 scaled corporate caterer

Why should you seriously consider working with Boardwalk Catering?

  • Time is of the essence. We get that. Boardwalk Catering provides a selection of corporate catering services tailored to offices, event spaces and venues in Sydney. We’re well aware of how important it is to have a positive impression on guests and build a strong relationship with your clients. We offer exceptional catering together with discreet, professional service.
  • Fresh, seasonal produce: At Boardwalk Catering, we take pride in using fresh, seasonal produce across all our catering menus. Whether you’re looking for canapes, buffet dining, plated dining, food stations, or any other catering style, we believe in sourcing the finest ingredients to create dishes of great flavours and fascinating appeal. (This blog post will give more insights on the vendors we work with) 
  • Granularity: Corporate catering is a direct reflection of your company and what it stands for. Boardwalk Catering prides itself on attention to detail. It’s one of our core values which are displayed in our kitchen and our staff manual. We’re only as good as our last event, and therefore, every minute detail matters.
  • Gold Licence in Sydney: There is only a small number of Gold Licence caterers in Sydney. These are the cream of the crop that must meet several criteria to obtain this certification. Boardwalk Catering, which has made that list, places a huge regard for food safety, staff welfare, and product quality. We cook in an accredited commercial kitchen in Artarmon near the Sydney CBD, making catering to the city and surrounding suburbs easy.

For more information about what makes Boardwalk Catering a great partner to build a strong relationship for your next successful event, read this blog post, crafted by our own chef, Tim. 

Final Thoughts

And that’s it, folks; building a strong relationship with your corporate caterer is crucial for a successful event in Sydney. By prioritising value over price, taking the time to communicate and foster trust, and sharing your company’s story, you can develop a fruitful partnership.

Boardwalk Catering stands out as an exceptional choice. We’re not about price; we’re about premium quality – and we’re very good at it. Our past clients can testify to that. Trust them and trust us to be your exceptional catering and professional service for your next successful event.